21 days: 100K page loads

What can I say. I'm flattered.

I received dozens of kind emails saying that you enjoy Ads of the World. I received several dozens of submissions. Although commenting is allowed for non-registered users — 85 readers still decided they want to enjoy the enhanced experience that comes with registration. The site received more than one hundred thousand page loads from more than 40 thousand unique visitors in the first three weeks of operation.

The creative ideas expressed in these ads are short bursts of human ingenuity

This level of success is really unexpected and I thank you so much for all this attention. This interest inspires me to keep going and to work further on improving the site.

I'm really happy to be able to share my passion and interest in great advertising with you. I see that many realize that these ads are not just commercial byproducts of our commercialized life. The ideas in these ads talk about the societies we live in. They are based on original insights and sharp observations. They express universal truths. It's contemporary poetry. It's the art of our time.

The key to enjoying life is to find the beauty in life. The creative ideas expressed in these ads are short bursts of human ingenuity. One can not help but admire the cleverness of these concepts. These outstanding ads celebrate the human intellect. The very thing that makes us human. Although watching ads may seem a waste of time for some, but if you do enjoy it you are one of those who understand the beauty of the idea and I'm happy to share this virtual corner of the world with you.