New York Festivals Proactive Approach to Scam Ads

New York, NY – September 14, 2009: In light of the recent “scam ad” scandal, New York Festivals President, Michael O’Rourke commented today that “New York Festivals has long been aware of and proactively involved in preventing so-called “scam-ads” – ads that ran without the consent of the client or were lifted from other agencies.”

According to O’Rourke, “Our first line of defense is our online judging system. We’ve found that having judges together in the same room in an isolated resort location can have a chilling effect on diligence. Its human nature: no one wants to accuse an agency or creative team, especially if the person you’re accusing is a friend or associate of someone in the room. “

New York Festivals initiated a system whereby GrandJury™ judges are allowed to “flag” a suspected scam ad simply by checking a box when viewing an entry online. Additionally, NYF judges are encouraged to write confidential comments online to support their suspicions. Upon being flagged, we will commence an investigation into the allegations.

In the past few years New York Festivals has denied entries or disqualified them based on the evidence collected from our judges. “As a truly international show-- we have entries from over 71 countries-- we applaud more recent efforts, like those of the One Show to prevent scam ads from being awarded and hope that other award shows follow suit on these aggressive and very necessary approaches towards eliminating scam,” said O’Rourke.

This year’s International Advertising Awards GRANDJURY honored the “World’s Best Advertising™” from 71 countries around the world. The 2009 jury awarded 6 Grand Trophies, 149 Gold Medals, 173 Silver Medals and 243 Bronze Medals in the following competitions: Art & Technique, Avant-Garde, Collateral, Design, Digital + Interactive, Mixed Media, Outdoor, Print, TV/Cinema, Radio and Student.

The 2009 GRANDJURY was comprised of 255 Senior Creative Directors from 56 countries, representing the largest and most diverse jury of any advertising competition in the world.

All winning entries of the NYF International Advertising Awards are featured in the Showcase section on Additional award winning work, along with interviews with award winning creatives, can be seen on NYF’s newly launched www.newyorkfestivals.TV.


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