Wonderbra......actually good this time

Wonderbra Ad Malfunctions - Click Here for more great videos and pictures!

I know that we all hate the wonderbra ads and every single student gets to wrestle it. There are 100 diffrent ideas en every idea has been done at least 300 times.
What I now want to say with this movie is the following:

It is not the brand of the ad that makes it good or bad at first hand. It doesn't matter that wonderbra is used 1.000.000 times. Think, just go nuts, go wild and think of something diffrent, outside of the box. I saw an ad in the exhibition with soupplates that are placed a little bit further. Thats good. Same as this ad, completely out of the box. Think of a medium you wont expect to see something like this on.

Please make conceptual thinking extraordinary again.

Thanks for your time.


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Yeah, that moving citylight is really funny and good.

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hehehe...thats funny

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that was brilliant!

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Super! hoho..I've seen those panels that goes both up and down. Think this will work both ways too.

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I'm blocked from seeing it here. I'll try it at home later. I'm spurred on by the reactions here!

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