Making of the City Vs Nature Freelander 2 ad

The Freelander 2 is a car that excels in both a natural environment and an urban landscape. To dramatize that fact, Y&R NY wanted to show two characters fighting over the car, one character representing nature, the other representing city. Almost like two children fighting over a toy.

The execution was vitally important to get right, so they turned to renowned artist Levi van Veluw. As Menno Kluin, Head of Art, states, “Once we had the idea, we immediately thought of using Levi. His style is ideally suited to the idea and we knew he could bring it to the next level.”

Within four weeks Levi hand-made two mannequins from scratch in his studio in the Netherlands, and photographed them. Both mannequins have an impressive amount of detailing: "City" consists of model cars and other miniature objects as well as small, wooden blocks, while actual moss, grass, leaves, flowers and mud were used to create "Nature."

See the finished ad below:


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Jaap Grolleman
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So much work in that video, 87 views... I feel sorry for them.

Really nice project though, I thought it was done 3d but for it to be real is pretty cool. Those statues might get a place in their office too :)

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This is a very eye-catching advertisement. I thought that the colors combined with the style made it very easy to understand the message behind it. I also thought that the image was computer generated. I didn't realize that the artist used real mannequins and carefully decorated them. It just goes to show that small details make all the difference. However, I would have made the Freelander in the image bigger so that it would be easier to see what the advertisement was for. When I saw this ad, I understood that the Freelander would be able to navigate through city streets as well as natural environments. Overall, this is an appealing ad that would easily catch my attention in a magazine.