Make an Ad, Make a Fortune

Make the next Doritos advert and win up to £200k!

Can you create the next most talked about TV ad? The one that will bring you money, fame, the respect of your peers and everything you’ve ever dreamed of? Well, entering King of Ads can help you out with at least part of that.

Doritos has opened it’s doors for “King of Ads 2010”. Hot off the success of last year’s competition, they invite you to get out your storyboard, pick up your camera, shoot a 29 second commercial for them, and upload it to The makers of the top 15 adverts will be invited to pitch their ad idea to a panel of experts and celebrities (including one Mr. David Shane). The panel will select their top 3, and from here, the general public will determine the true King of Ads.

The director with the most votes will win a guaranteed £100k, and an extra £1 for each vote they receive - up to £200k. On top of this, they’ll have their advert watched by millions when it airs across British TV from June 12th - July 11th, all of which looks pretty impressive on a CV.

Pete Charles, Marketing Manager, Doritos, said: “This is an incredible opportunity for anyone wanting to make a name for themselves in the world of advertising or earn a life changing amount of money. In true Doritos style your adverts can be as bold, leftfield or as funny as you can make them - good luck!”

The contest is now open to entrants, and accepts submissions until April 30th. Voting runs from May 29th, through June 10th. There will also be weekly prizes and much more throughout the contest.

Not clear? Let Miquita Oliver explain all.

Or for more inspiration, check out last year’s winners here.

Don’t forget, you can also follow Doritos on twitter and facebook for up to the minute info, hints and tips.


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I like that you think. Thank you for share very much.

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I think this is such a great idea! Doritos is in fact well-known for its humorous approach to making advertisements memorable. I still remember the Doritos advertisement with the oversized mouse trap. This is clever to make it a challenge for consumers to promote the product themselves. It not only gives them publicity, but it also brings the consumer into the works. This would be a really fun project to take on. Winning the money prize would also be a great achievement.

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This campaign seems to pander to stereotypical thinking about real people.

Contemptible attitude in advertising, 2010. More same old/same old.

"My wife... i think I'll keep her."


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Hi Ivan and everyone, i am in the TOP 3!!! for this competition. Please vote for my ad 'The Dorito Trio'. it would mean everything to me to get your support. join me on my facebook page!/profile.php?i...

and you can vote here.