Magic mirror

It is a lighted mirror box that can transform any ordinary mirror into a bright full color display advertisement. Wall mounted or freestanding, the box contains a motion sensor that can detect any object approaching the mirror and display a backlit full color advertisement. If object detection is not what an advertiser want, a time setting can be set to vary the length of the display.

Could be an interesting medium for a fitting message.


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This is awesome. Thanks for posting!

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As someone who consistently views these types of products, I can say from experience that this is a beautiful item. The mirrors look so futuristic that they would not be out of place in a sci-fi movie. This is by far one of the most colorful products that I've seen this year!

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Seems a little spooky. You walk up to it then you see yourself.

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It is very interesting no doubt ;)! Sensors do miracles! Great post.

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