Lexus & Sports Illustrated Present the "Tori 500"

Los Angeles-based Recommended Media director Vic Huber teams up with TeamOne to pay a full-throttle homage to the launch of the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in the new 3:40 web film “Lexus & Sports Illustrated Present the ‘Tori 500’”. The “making of” web film features a seductive swimwear shot of Paver augmented and placed onto a racetrack. The skills of professional racecar driver Scott Pruett and stunt driver Greg Tracy are put to the test as they compete to see if they can literally drive around the curves of this Sports Illustrated swimsuit model in the all-new 2013 Lexus GS. The co-branded campaign also includes a four-page centerfold in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, on stands today, two new iPhone and iPad apps, available for download online, that allow users to super-impose themselv es into a photo with Paver.

To execute the 1” to 100’ scale, Huber and his production team scoured Southern California to find an ample location to house Paver’s amplified curves. The team planned carefully to achieve the most accurate lighting for the placement of the swimsuit photo on the aerial track shot. Huber leveraged his extensive auto experience to capture the expert drivers tearing through the track with utmost speed and precision. Says director Vic Huber, “It was very exciting to see how many platforms were going to be covered in this campaign: print, web, iPhone. In one day, we were able to provide assets that will connect to a wide ranging audience that may never have otherwise been reached.”

The web film opens on a photo shoot with Paver and fashion photographer Bjorn Iooss, who carefully tweaks the body movements of the supermodel to allow for the maximum possible body angles to be created into the Lexus racetrack. We jump to the site of the track, where the production team is prepping the scaled track with meticulous measurements and white street paint. The competing drivers arrive at the track, both hoping to most precisely navigate the twists and turns of Paver’s scaled body in order to win a victory lap with the SI model herself. Pro racecar driver Pruett edges out stunt driver Tracy by .36 seconds with a time of 0:35.40. Honoring the win, Paver hops in the passenger seat with Pruett, squealing in excitement as she goes along for the ride around her own body. The film closes with the super, “Now it’s your turn. Download the Tori 500 app for iPhone and iPad,” alongside images of the apps.

Client: Lexus
Agency: TeamOne, Los Angeles, CA
Chief Creative Director: Chris Graves
Executive Creative Director, Digital: Alastair Green
Group Creative Directors: Craig Crawford, Jason Stinsmuehlen
Creative Directors: David DeRoma, Eric Arnold
Copywriter: Scott Ivener
Art Director: Andrew McGuire
Agency Executive Producer: Sam Walsh
Agency Business Manager: David Peake
Director: Vic Huber (currently at Recommended Media), Jerad Sloan
Production Company: Bandito Brothers, Team One
Executive Producer: Jeff Rohrer
Producer: Beth Pearson
App Design and Development: Superfad, Culver City, CA; Tool of NA, Los Angeles, CA