Lego gives back stolen statues to city

Lego gives back stolen statues to city

Margaret Island in Budapest hosts a park where there are over 30 statues, all depicting the nation's finest artists. Two of these bronze statues were stolen in the summer, and there is no money for their replacement.

This Christmas, on the 29th of December, Lego Store Budapest with the help of Y&R, Hungary gave these two stolen statues back to the city: they built the exact replicas of the stolen originals, entirely out of lego. This way, Lego was used to build something in real life, as well as honouring something that is cardinal to the brand: Hungary's creativity. The lego statues were placed on the empty spot of the missing ones. Now, people visit the park just to see the Lego statues.

Lego gives back stolen statues to city
Lego gives back stolen statues to city
Lego gives back stolen statues to city
Lego gives back stolen statues to city


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Charlie Vietnam
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Good contribution - Lego!

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Thanks Charlie!

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Great masterpiece hats off to those creators.

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Dylan Whitwer
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I think that this is a very smart move by Lego to recreate these statues in such a artful way. I personally have tried to make Lego creations and can understand the difficulty and art of creating Lego’s. I was only creating eight by eight block towers so to make a creation like these must’ve been very time consuming. The reason I think this is such a smart move by Lego is because of the free advertising they are giving. Through philanthropy, people are able to come to the park and admire the Lego pieces. This might increase sales locally within the area because of the attention through this charity.
Another company that I saw do this sort of philantorpist advertising is coca cola. Migrant workers building the 2022 World Cup Olympic stadium in Qatar were unable to call home. Coke set up “vending machines,” with telephones that allowed the workers to call home for up to 10 minutes while enjoying a Coke.
In both of these instances, the advertising given by both companies is a great strategy to promote their brand.

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This is very nice and really appreciating.

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It is very original, now lacks these design ideas in many cities