For four decades, Lee Clow has created and shepherded the kind of advertising ideas that moves businesses and moves us emotionally. Dallas-based copywriter Jason Fox, equally moved by Lee Clow’s work, decided to channel Lee’s wisdom into 140-character tweets under the Twitter handle @leeclowsbeard. Now, with over 26,000 followers, the hugely successful Twitter feed has been transformed into a book — also titled leeclowsbeard. Spearheaded by Rob Schwartz and Bill Hornstein, The book is a must-read, artfully designed compilation of brilliant and inspirational tweets from Lee’s iconic beard.

“Lee Clow’s Beard started off as an experiment. A very small experiment,” said Fox, author of the book. “I wanted to provide bits of insight for fellow ad folks, almost like crumbs of inspiration. And since beards are natural repositories of crumbs, I thought of Lee and his iconic whiskers. He’s an ad legend everyone loves, so to have his facial hair act as the tweets’ source was a nice way to keep things on the lighter side of the snark meter.”

“The tweets were somewhat of a mystery,” said Lee Clow. “It was all stuff I would have said – advertising and life truisms – stuff I hear all the time from clients and people in the industry. When I found out it was Jason I wanted to meet him. One thing led to another and we decided to make a book.”

The book and an app featuring Lee himself is the launch project of the new L.A. based Omnicom entity “Let There Be Dragons”. The book is currently available for pre-order at or through the publisher, powerHouse Books, with a release date of June 12. An iBook version and the iPhone app will also be available, via the iTunes Store.

Lee Clow first gained global prominence with what is considered the world's greatest Super Bowl commercial ever – Apple's "1984." Working closely with Steve Jobs, Clow went on to create famous advertising for what would become the world's most valuable brand, including the "Think Different” campaign and the launches of the iPod, iTunes, iPhone and, most recently, the iPad. Lee was also instrumental in creating Nissan's "Enjoy the ride," and creative work for adidas, Nike, Reebok, Pedigree and many more.