KREATIVEKONZEPTION* and BAYER Schering Pharma create a cross-media concept that takes World Contraception Day 2009 to Web 2.0.

The launch of the new website has created a platform accessible to users worldwide and brought the motto „Talk Contraception“ to life, through worldwide events both online and offline.

The event kicked off yesterday with a live worldwide interactive Online Press Conference involving journalists from all over the world, where the online youth survey „Talking Sex and Contraception“ was premiered.

Berlin, September 24th, 2009 – At the core of the concept, as conceived of by KREATIVEKONZEPTION*, is the formation of a Web 2.0 community where young people can interactively deal with issues and questions related to love, sexuality and contraception. This direct interaction makes the message „Let’s talk about it“ a hands-on reality, and keeps it alive even after World Contraception Day 2009 on September 26th.

One integral part of this campaign is the Youth Task Force: young Web 2.0 celebrities from every continent, who have made it their goal to address this issue in their home country. At the same time, they invite their existing fan base to get involved at HYPERLINK "" This makes the World Contraception Day Campaign accessible to youth on a global scale as well: users can keep up with the culturally different experiences of the celebrities firsthand on the Youth Task Force Blog.
They are, among others: Denise Keller (MTV Asia VJ, Discovery Travel & Living host), Claire Oelkers (MTV Germany VJ, singer for the band Karpartenhund, Stuart Heritage (, The Guardian), Phelipe Cruz (

First and foremost, HYPERLINK "" is about giving young people themselves a chance to speak out: couples talk about their relationships and share different ways of communicating with your partner. In the „Love Talk“ and „Couple of the Week“ contests, young people can upload their own stories and videos to start discussions and win prizes.
All teenagers are also invited to take part in the global Online Love Survey, which asks about topics related to love, sex and contraception. The continuously generated data resulting from the survey is published on the website and will help make it possible to better respond to the needs of young people in the future.

Using the Event-Finder, young people can simply and straightforwardly locate specific events related to the World Contraception Day campaign in their own countries. There is also a clearly organized Help Tool that connects users with local organizations like Pro Familia or Planned Parenthood.
Key information regarding contraception is also available to young people right on the site. All content is specifically designed to suit the tastes of the young target audience.

In this way, the concept as designed by the Berlin-based agency KREATIVEKONZEPTION* joins substantiated facts with user-generated content and offline events. The concept, content and design for this campaign were developed by KREATIVEKONZEPTION* 001 GmbH in cooperation with BAYER Schering Pharma.

About World Contraception Day (WCD):

World Contraception Day is an international initiative with the goal of honing awareness about questions of contraception and sex education, as well as reducing the high number of unwanted and unplanned pregnancies reported each year. This new initiative is supported by a confederation of various independent organizations such as the European Society of Contraception (ESC), the International Planned Parenthood Federation, Marie Stopes International (MSI), the Population Council, and the Asia Pacific Council on Contraception (APCOC). The focus of this event is on making young people aware of the contraception options available to them, and of the importance of making a conscious choice concerning contraception and parenthood.

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