JVM fakes blogosphere feedback

Is it fair to produce a video showing results of your campaign with images that are faked? The Fey&Co Lullaland video from JVM at 1:32 shows my blog with an article I never wrote. I tried to search for the rest of the blogs and found nothing. The person who sent this to my attention pointed out that all the tweets are fake too. I emailed the creator of the video on YouTube, but got no response. I don't mind to be honest. All publicity is good, but I think it's unfair towards the viewer who believes all this actually happened. What's your opinion?

Here is the video:

Here are the blogs I found mentioned in the video:

Post not found on creativebits.

Post not found paradormir.

Post not found on Feel guide.

Post not found on Dressed Like Machines.

Here is some real feedback:


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Jaap Grolleman
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Well, that's the internet, anyone can do about anything. (Go watch the movies Catfish or Talhotblonde for more of this.)

But I think this example is ridiculous and stupid - the agency will probably facepalm theirselves if this really becomes known. They probably presented this to their clients too, as real data, and if they where to find out JVM just showed fake results they might switch to another agency. The agency also lost some respect from me. I've no portfolio yet to even make a claim to it, but no way I want to do an internship at this agency now.

But then again, this is the internet. Maybe the blogs in the video are fake, maybe the "real feedback' you posted in here is fake too :) Maybe this whole blog is fake or perhaps the video was fake to begin with? Who knows, maybe I live in some sort of Truman show. But it's specially hard to verify data on the internet, at best we can make some assumptions I think.

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That's not right, especially that they didn't have to fake it. There are plenty of real blogs talking about Lulllaland:

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You don't want to do an internship at this agency because it faked the results for this campaign? Oh, Jack. I am sure many other students would love to do an internship at JVM.

That said, I am convinced the majority of agencies overplay the success of their social media campaigns. So everyone is faking something.

update: Too bad the case video was pulled off. The campaign itself was great.

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dude, I saw the interns at jvm. they were put into a dark corner of the building, not invited to most of the better briefs and told to execute shit at best. they usually learn nothing at that place, be it elbe, alster or fleet.

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Jaap Grolleman
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Photoshopping fake blogposts seems like a fine intern job though ;p

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Ron Burgundy
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Success doesn't need to make an announcement, with that in mind, after the net..."real" is all in how naive you are to media and PR bull.

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Finally JVM social media dept wrote me. With their permission here is their letter:

First of all we would like to apologize for using your blog by mistake in our Fey&Co. video. In the heat of the battle one of our art directors took the wrong screens we used in the client presentation as an example for how the video could spread in the web. We totally understand your disappointment and anger and of course we are going to cut out all the wrong stuff. Indeed, there are plenty of real blogs that already talked positively about the lullaland project, just have a look:해외광고FeyCo-Lullaland

Furthermore, all tweets that are shown in the video are real and not faked. You can reassure yourself by sending a tweet with the hashtag #goodnight. Or just search lullaland via twitter search and you will find all recaptured tweets from the past 2 weeks.

Finally, we never intended to initiate such a huge discussion in the social web in order to promote our video. We hope you still enjoy our creative work detached from the ongoing debate.

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss the issue in detail with us, just send me your contact details and we will give you a call.

Thank you for your understanding.

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So their story is at they had the blog mockups in the presentation to the client? Really? They couldn't just talk to it and say something like "people will blog about it"? Or show a drawing? I call bullshit. Who makes a fake case study / results for a campaign that they haven't sold yet, just to show the client what MIGHT happen if the campaign is bought. JVM is just making it worse now.

Another thing that bothered me about their video was their claim to be the first campaign ever based on a hashtag. Ummm, ever heard of promoted trending topics? Or skittles? Or any charity who used a hashtag to raise money?

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Garry Davis
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There is a fine line between presenting results in the best possible light and faking them. In the long run, clients & prospects suss you out.

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Hey Garry,
how do you present ideas to the client, that are not DONE in this moment, because you have to sell them first. And than DO them, right?

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so basically what you are saying is you dont know how to tell a story without lying. well, in that case you'll fit right in with heimat.

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standard operating procedure at jung von matt. this is just another scam ad.

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They did the right thing and fixed it:
Well done.