Kudos to Ivan

I just have to say it: there is nothing out there quite like AotW. And the fact that Ivan does it mostly, if not completely, by himself, is even more amazing. Why am I writing this? Partially, because I don't think I have fully expressed my appreciation for what Ivan does here. But the real reason is his guts. He is putting stuff on here that he thinks is worthy of discussion. He picks things that he likes and sits back and does not attack all of those people who say "next!" or "seen it." or "forced" and "done before." I think we need to applaud Ivan. I know he may not stand 100% behind every ad he posts, but he posts them nonetheless. And I, for one, living in the States, don't get to see most of this stuff until the next issue of Archive. So, may God bless your children. May fate look kindly upon your life. May fortune find an pleasant spot for you under her wing. Kudos to Ivan. You deserve it. Now: everyone. Donate!


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You're too kind. I'm just doing my hobby of collecting ads. The appreciation feels good though. Keep coming to AotW and it will ensure I'll keep doing it!

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Indeed. Three cheers for Ivan. You may think this is just a hobby, but I sincerely believe this website will go down in advertising history as the site where the next generation of great creatives got their start and their inspiration. Viva la Ivan.

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Ya... i double that... Coz my entire perspective towards looking at ads has gone through a metamorphosis of sorts... As far as AOTW goes, I think we are all one family raving and ranting about something, the rest of the world can't really comply to... And yes, Ivan-the great stands as the undisputed head of this family! For he's given us lost creative souls a roof, an asylum of sorts to showcase our work, which otherwise would have gone down the doldrums, thanx to the headweight of some Creative Assholes...

Cheers to you Ivan... Cheers! Just can't thank you enough...