If only advertising was more like professional football

Imagine the possibilities.

Creatives can be bought and traded in the open transfer market.

Which means, there will be a better system for the salary scale.

The top agencies can poach fresh, good talents from agencies which do not provide a conducive environment for creativity to florish.

By selling their good creative people, they get money to invest in a better system for their agency.

With a better system, the non-top agencies can then challenge the top agencies for new businesses.

In terms of creativity, if the non-top agency is known for culturing new talent (like West Ham United), they attract newbies to their agency, those who want to break into the top agencies but never got the opportunity.

Also, the older talent (some might say wiser) from the top agencies who can't perform at the top-flight competition can then be traded to the non-league agencies.

Think Roy Keane.

He's brought Sunderland into contention for promotion into the EPL. (Ok, he's the manager but you get the drift).

Likewise, an older creative person can go to a smaller club (sorry, agency) and develop that agency's potential.

And fame?

Aside from India and Brazil, where the creative people are literally celebrities, the rest of the advertising fraternity are relatively unknown outside of their industry.

Try mentioning David Droga, Neil French or David Ogilvy to your second cousin from your mom's side.

But by implementing a league system like professional football, creatives can be just like football stars.

Non-advertising people (some call them consumers) can then see which star was behind the amazing Adidas campaign.

They can worship the creative person.
Stick their idol's poster over their bedroom walls.

They will start chanting 'Bend it like Berbanch'
instead of that dude who decided US can be the next centre of football (OK, some of you call it soccer).

Then we can do away with various Award Shows.

We can then have a unified Advertising Premier League.

Scammers will be red-carded.

Neil French will be yellow-carded for... well, being Neil French.

And because it's like football, every agency will be given an equal amount of jobs from all the clients of the world. (like matches).

This creates an equal opportunity market.

If only...

Oh well, if you're into football (yes, we don't call it soccer) here's a litte fun reward for you, since you read till the end of this rather boring blog...

1) Think of a famous agency / player
2) Compare it to a football club / player

You'll be genuinely amused with some of the results.

ok, here's an example:

Neil French = Eric Cantona
Neil French, now notoriously known more for his 'cos women make crap CDs' comment than all the fabulous work he's done.

Eric Cantona, notoriously known for his flying kung-fu kick at a spectator than the time he scored a fabulous goal against Arsenal.

Have fun.


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Very interesting ideas. And, you will be surprised but there is a project in the making, which will bring almost this. Stay tuned.

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do u mean the online resourcing for creative ideas?

not quite the same thing but i know what u mean.

and congrats on becoming the top advertising online community!

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Hey thanks! Congrats to you too!