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Small changes around the navigation

I introduced a few changes around the navigation and structure of forums. I added a new forum called Jobs. Hope you will find it useful and post openings at your workplace for everyone's benefit.

Also, I added links in your control panel for quicker posting of all types of content. Hope you will find it useful.

The difference between Marketing, PR, Advertising and Branding

Image courtesy of Neutron, LLC.

We got dugg

durex thumbnailOf all the ads posted on Ads of the World. The XXL Durex man got digged up to the front page. It's fun to read the comments of outsiders.

I wrote an article about this case in detail on my design blog. If you have a digg account please digg the article.

Truth in advertising

Must watch!

Record traffic on Ads of the World

Again, we broke the record in traffic this month. We had a whopping 540K+ unique visitors and 12.7M+ page loads in March 2007. And as you can see on the graph the traffic is growing exponentially. To give you a comparison this is more traffic than what Adage.com receives. Thank you all for promoting Ads of the World among your friends and colleagues!

I hope to fine tune some things on the site in the near future to make things easier, especially regarding videos and radio. Let me know if something is not working as you would like it to and also let me know what features would you like to see. You can send me a feedback email or comment here. Either way, I'll take notes.

Client copia

Pretty cool site to laugh on ourselves and on clients.

Slash ‘n Burn Awards is the first Dutch festival for rejected advertising

The Slash ‘n Burn Awards is the first Dutch festival for rejected advertising. It provides a stage for impressive work that, for one reason of another, has never been published. Creative commercials, print, outdoor, interactive or promotional advertising that deserves to be recognized and praised. The festival is a plea for more guts and creativity in advertising.

Channel 4 "Viral Oscars"

The closing date for Germ - the international viral awards (established as a first in the UK in 2005) – is drawing near. Entries are accepted from all over the world and must be submitted by March 31st. There are three categories open to the public: ‘Best Video Viral’, ‘Best Image Viral’ and ‘Best Interactive Viral’. Entries are free and individuals from all over the world can submit as many virals as they like at www.channel4.com/germ. Virals entered must have been created between January 1st 2006 – March 31st 2007.

We got a metal!

Satit Jantawiwat from JWT Bangkok just told me the good news. We won a bronze at Adfest Pattaya with the campaign made for Ads of the World titled formula. Congrats JWT Bangkok and hope this is just the first one!

Click read more to see the full campaign.

10 000 registered users

champagneLadies and gentleman. We can proudly claim to be the biggest online advertising community. We have more than ten thousand active registered users on the site. By active I mean users who confirmed the their email addresses and visited the site at least once.

We've also made two records yesterday in traffic. At one point we had 38K page downloads an hour. That's like 10 pages per second. And the total number of page loads was half million on Monday.

I'm extremely proud to be associated with such a vibrant and active community. Love you all! Cheers!

New forums launched

We now have 3 new language specific forums: http://adsoftheworld.com/forum
Spanish, French and Chinese. Enjoy!

Start you blog on Ads of the World now for free!

blog buttonWe have a new feature on Ads of the World. You can now start your own blog right here on Ads of the World. Login to your account and see the new menu points in your control panel on the left. You can view your blog and create a new blog post.

Why write here and not start a blogger blog? Because we have thousands of industry professionals hanging out here. Because you get free hosting. Because you get a prestigious adsoftheworld/blog/yourname address, rather than a generic blogger address.

You blog is linked from your profile and is visible for everyone.

Hope we will have a few bloggers writing soon!

Agloco - Own the internet

There are tons of social networking sites. My personal favourite is LinkedIn. But Agloco is somewhat different and takes the concept of revenue sharing from Metacafe. It is promising to share the income they get with you. It is not fully functional yet as it is still in Beta (what a surprise), so all you have to do is sign-up for now. I'm guessing the earlier you sign up the better, because once it gets more popular most of your friends will have already signed up. We will see how it turns out in the near future.

Ads of the World is moving servers

In the last 30 days we had a huge increase in traffic. About 400K unique visitors looked at about 8M pages. I'm extremely grateful to all of you to spread the word about Ads of the World.

To cope with the traffic, we need more power. And I just signed up for a brand new dedicated server. It's the fastest I could find for a reasonable budget, and most importantly, it has RAID 1 to protect the data in case of disk failure.

We are moving the site to the new server on Friday, so for a brief period there will be no new content posted and no comments, forum topics or new member registrations will be allowed.

The address stays the same and you will be able to use the site as normal after all is complete. How fast you switch depends on your ISP and how they setup their DNS.

You should notice faster page loads, hopefully.

As with any change there may be some unforeseen issues. You are encouraged to comment with any problems you experience.

Once the move is over, I will update this message.

If you can read this, it means you're seeing the site on the new server. Thank you for your patience and support. Let me know if you experience any problems, by commenting below!

Strong moderation policies

As requested by many members, I will introduce a strict comment moderation policy.

We want to keep the discussion professional. Many readers are students and professionals at an early stage of their career. They want to understand the motivation behind opinions.

Therefore we will moderate all comments that fail to give a reasoning. Since it is hard to explain this policy in general terms here are a few examples of non acceptable comments:

"crap!", "next...", "bad AD, bad!", "shit idea", "shoot the copywriter", "great", "wow", "?", etc.

I understand that such comments are simply an expression of like or dislike and to address this requirement I will introduce a rating system in the near future.

Hopefully this new policy will encourage commenting members to expand more on their views and hope all of you will find the result of this policy preferable. Sorry from everyone who disagrees.

This policy is effective from now.

Zoopa.com ital-american start up about advertising


Zooppa.com will be officially launched on 1st of March, 2007, but in case you want to participate in the creation of the first viral I though you know about it as soon as possible. So let me paste in the letter from Allison Green, Chief Evangelist of Zooppa:

Why you might be interested in Zooppa.com?
We just launched Zooppa.com, the first ital-american startup about advertising and viral marketing, led by Mr. Big Zooppa, an entrepreneur living in Brooklyn.
Zooppa.com is built on its boss’ strong personality. The result is something completely different in the over-crowded Web 2.0 panorama.

Social advertising: an emerging business model
Zooppa.com's purpose is to create a community of professional and amateur creatives and videomakers that compete in creating the best and the most viral video commercials ever.

During time, Zooppa.com will provide agency briefs sponsored by international brands.
Basing on those briefs, users will be asked to shoot short, effective videos.

Videos will be then available for voting. The community itself will choose the best ones which will be rewarded with real money.

Not only videos will be rewarded: through the Zoopbank it will be possible to gain credits (Zoop$) for different kinds of participations such as voting or submitting a storyboard or an original piece of music. Once a threshold is reached, credits will be converted and paid in US $.

What’s Zooppa.com difference?
We aim to launch a new style in online advertising. First of all, we ask our users to play and have fun with us and with the brands we submit them from time to time. This explains the choice of designing Zooppa.com on its leader odd personality.

Moreover, we want to create a kind of advertising not built on other media models, but clearly focused on the Web. In particular – as everyone will notice after the official launch of Zooppa.com – we will concentrate our efforts in a developing system of blog-oriented advertising.

What's going on right now?
Zooppa.com is currently going through its start-up phase. We decided to give full evidence of it
to the users by offering a rich visual documentation about the frenzy that's going on here.

A first promotional contest has been launched, too: it is about Osè, the cool male underwear brand designed by mr. Big Zooppa himself. Contest is already open to everyone's contribution, winners will be announced by Mr. Zooppa on 28th February.

Help! We need a new server!

Here is the deal. Nobody wants to wait seconds for a page to load. The CPU is running 100% most of the time on the current Dual Twincore 2.8MGhz machine. We need better hardware.

So, if you can offer good free or discounted dedicated hosting, please let me know!

If you can donate a few bucks please do!

Super Bowl ads 2007 : Page 6

Super Bowl ads 2007 : Page 5

Super Bowl ads 2007 : Page 4

Super Bowl ads 2007 : Page 3

Super Bowl ads 2007 : Page 2

Super Bowl ads 2007 : Page 1

Super Bowl ads 2007

Channel 4 and Bore Me search for ultimate viral ad as they launch "Germ 2"

Broadcaster Channel 4 has teamed up with viral site BoreMe.com to launch the annual international viral awards ‘Germ’ to find the Best Commercially Produced Viral. The Germ viral awards are free to enter and agencies from all over the world can submit as many entries as they wish. Entries can be submitted from now until the end of March and details of how to submit entries can be found at www.channel4.com/germ. Last year London based viral agency Maverick won the Best Commercially Produced Viral for a campaign to promote the racing simulation game Juiced. Entries for last year’s winner/runners-up can be seen at www.channel4.com/germ.

The Germ judging panel, made up of prominent practitioners from the online and broadcast industries, will select a shortlist of finalists which will be put up for a public vote from the beginning of April.

The winning agency will have its work seen by millions of people around the world, receive significant media exposure and a valuable one-week listing on Bore Me’s home page. In addition, the winner’s/runners-up entries, as well as shortlisted entries, will be showcased at the Germ annual viral exhibition at London’s ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) which, in 2006, broke attendance records for a digital exhibition. The next Germ viral exhibition at the ICA is scheduled to take place later in 2007.

Adam Gee, New Media Commissioner at Channel 4, responsible for the channel’s 4Talent initiative, said:
“Channel 4’s 4Talent is committed to identifying and nurturing hot new talent and showcasing some of the best ideas around. The Germ awards are now an important annual fixture in the viral calendar. Last year we received a phenomenal response and the level of agency creativity was exceptionally high. This year’s awards will be even bigger as we actively open the competition to international agencies. The concept of viral has moved on significantly in the last year, broadening out to cover a range of platforms. More and more brands have invested in viral campaigns as they realise the entertainment value, reach and impact. With Germ, we’re showcasing some of the best viral creativity international agencies have to offer.”

Pete Brown, founder of BoreMe.com, added:
"In 2006, better agency creativity and brand interaction with consumers meant the standard of virals improved. In 2007, we expect companies to seek even more creative ways of getting their message across to consumers as they become more confident about using this marketing channel. We hope this leads to agencies creating even better, more interactive campaigns.”

I'll be bringing you the best new entries to showcase online, right here on Ads of the World.

Superbowl commercials on YouTube

Let's meet here and discuss once they launch the Superbowl ads. I'm interested to see what CP+B will come up with this year. Also, I'm expecting lot of interactive stuff. I'm sure YouTube or other websites will somehow be part of the activation. This is the only way an advertiser can rationalize such high cost of a 30 second ad.

Donations for a new server

The current dedicated server can still take the load, but struggling at peak times. You may have experienced slight delays in page loads at times. Looking at the stats we need a new server by next month for sure.

This would cost me approximately an extra 1500 USD for the next 6 month. This is some money I can't really spare at this moment. Therefore I would like to ask you to pitch in if you can. Find the button for donation through paypal on the right. I'll be giving updates on how much has been raised. Until than we have some ideas on how to optimize the code a bit to ease the load.

Thank you so much!

Spoiled bitch gets the wrong color birthday car

Here is a lesson on how to get hundreds of thousands of people to your website in a few weeks.

Step 1: Get your sister's birthday present filmed:

Videos are being moved

Dear all, the videos will not be accessible for up to 24 hours as I'm moving them to a secondary server to speed up downloads. Thank you for your understanding!

Update: Complete.

WOW! What a year!

2006 traffic

Thank you so much for this amazing year of 2006. The Ads of the World community superseded all my expectations. We have more than 7K registered users today and December was a great month in terms of activity. In December we had more than 5M page loads from 300K unique visitors. The numbers have increased every month despite my server problems in October (see the drop in visitors on the graph). The dedicated server is taking the load well most of the time, but I'm planning to have a second one just in case.

I would like to thank you for your kind daily visit and links to Ads of the World! Stay with AotW in 2007, I have great plans for you!

Mac OS X Dashboard widget with thumbnails

widgetYou've seen the AotW Dashboard Widget that shows titles of ads, blog posts and forum topics.

And, now Martijn sent me for xmas a new version that displays the thumbnails of the ads as well.

Click to download!

Enjoy and thanks a lot Martinj!

Happy Holidays!

Dear readers and members! I wish you merry xmas and a very happy new year! Postings will slow down for a week or so. Hope you will share the next year with me on Ads of the World! Cheers!

Communication Arts magazine features AotW

Communication Arts

David Wen from the University of Texas in the USA, who runs a cool communication blog The Ranch was kind enough to send me a picture from the latest issue of the magazine Communication Arts. It features a small article about Ads of the World. Thank you all for making this site the great community that it is.

Eurobest Live 2006

Check out the winners on EurobestLive 2006.

Some great work! Much of it you've already seen if you read Ads of the World regularly. Nice to see that the level is very high.

It you're one of the winners — congratulations!

Apology letters for Lego

I removed the Lego campaign of Saatchi & Saatchi, Guangzhou, China from the front page. The apology letters by request from the creators are attached.

Digging AotW?

Sometime ago I installed small links that appear under each post that give an easier access to post the article to various social networking sites.

I didn't do it to get more traffic on the site, as we have a nice community of pros and students already, but I thought to go with the flow and do as other blogs do. I just looked it up the effectiveness of the buttons on digg and an interesting thing happened.

Before at least a dozen times AotW articles were posted on digg. Since the buttons were installed not even one article was put up on digg. Because we are talking about big numbers of readers and hundreds of articles, I would not say that this is caused by the quality of the articles or number of readers. I think the quality is stable and we have more readers than ever before at 10K unique visitors a day. Digg is also doing very well with more users every month.

So, the only conclusion I can make is that the buttons have a negative effect on articles being posted. Pitching social networking so obviously as putting link on bottom of each article seems to be too blunt for readers.

Now, of course all this is of very limited interest to most ad people. I guess only ones who care are the guys and girls running blogs of their own.

However there is a bigger lesson in this story. When somebody is trying to go viral, do not make it too easy. Do not put up a video on your site and say: link this video on digg — make it go viral! If people like the stuff, people will link it without you begging for it. However, if you push too hard, readers will not be willing to make an effort to make your viral succeed. On the other hand, if the material isn't liked, you're doomed anyway.

Yes, you have to give the option to embed and download your wanna be viral. But, don't put the bloody digg links next to it. Pitch with modesty and with respect to your readers.

So, what do you say? Shall I remove the links?

ADC 86th Annual Awards competition


You may be interested to know that the ADC 86th Annual Awards competition is now open. Submit entries in advertising, graphic design, photography, illustration, interactive, hybrid and playground. The deadline for professional entries is January 10th 2007 and January 31st 2007 for students. Gold, Silver and Distinctive Merit winners will be celebrated at the Annual Awards gala on May 31st 2007 in New York, and all winning work will be published in full color in the Art Directors Annual 86.

Enter online at www.adcawards.org
Professional Deadline: January 10, 2007
Student Deadline: January 31, 2007
Email: info@adcawards.org

The Art Directors Club
106 West 29th Street
New York, NY 10001
T: 212-643-1440, F: 212-643-4266, F: 212-643-4293

Work in progress

I'm working on setting up a member section, like we used to have before the crash but probably a bit more interesting. Here is a sneak preview of the features. Hall of Fame: http://adsoftheworld.com/hof
Find out who is the most active commenter, what is the most popular content, etc.

Birds and Bullets

Bright Eyes LargeSweet dogs, sensuous lips, baroque decor, untied sneakers, fresh paint, and glamourous hips. Welcome to the wonderful world of Eric Bailey.

The art of San Francisco based painter/illustrator is as real as it gets. In his early days he took inspiration from graffiti and skateboard graphics. Although, he has grown up, his art still reflect the idealistic child, who is ready to rediscover the world.

It almost feels like a shame to put his hand at commercial work, but I guess it is another reality that will shape his work in the future. He worked for cool urban brands like Nike/Jordan, Burton and Converse. I can see his work being celebrated in Cannes next summer.

Check out his personal and commercial work on his website Birds and Bullets and make sure to have your speakers on.

Best Rejected Advertising revisited

ParisBestrejectedadvertising.com is full of new content and it seems the world is still full of taboos.

Sex is still a no-go in many countries of the world. This 2001 advert for the underwear label Agent Provocateur, which features the singer Kylie Minogue, was deemed by regulators to be too explicit to be shown on British television and was approved only for cinemas. This more recent advert for the fast food chain Carl’s Jr., featuring Paris Hilton, was the subject of complaints following its airing on US television in May 2005. This advert for Airborne cold remedies, featuring the actor Mickey Rooney, was rejected by the Fox televison network as unsuitable to be shown during the 2005 Super Bowl, due to its use of nudity.

People still can't take stereotypes well. An ad, in the Financial Times, for the American Jewish Committee stated "Can anyone within range of Iran's missiles feel safe?" In another tv commercial The Advertising Standards Committee of South Africa considered complaints in regard to television advertisements placed by the Amy Biehl Foundation. On 24 June 2003, the Advertising Standards Committee ("the Committee") considered a complaint by Ken Boffard and others in regard to a Dulux Print Advertisement featuring the now well-known picture of Happy Sindane.

Bad language and anti social behavior doesn't hold up it seems. The billboard advertisement, displaying the website address www.AUTOTRADER.co.nz, showed two dogs peering from a muddy vehicle. A large caption read: WE'VE GOT RIDES FOR DIRTY BITCHES. A commercial for Fanta Z opened with a young couple enjoying a picnic on a beach. They drank from their cans of Fanta Light, but then calmly spat the drink out. Others were also shown spitting the drink out in similar ways. This 2004 spot was created by Ogilvy and Mather as part of their campaign for the Ford SportKa. Although it failed to win approval from Ford, the ad appeared on the internet as a viral.

Roger MorePeople can't face reality and prefer to see a rosy picture. One advertisement in the UK showed a photograph of a new-born baby who had a cockroach crawling out of his mouth. This advert by Be A Witness, a campaign engineered by the American Progress Action Fund and the Genocide Intervention Fund, was rejected by the three major US TV networks (ABC, CBS and NBC) in 2005 because it was telling the truth.

Religion is another touchy subject for many. There was an objection to a national press advertisement, in the Metro and the Guardian, for the Erotica 2001 show at Olympia. The advertisement showed a man lying on a bed with his arms outstretched and his legs crossed at the ankle. The claim "lead me into temptation" appeared across the man's groin area, which was covered with a sheet.

Apparently, the world is still full of people lacking a sense of humor. This advert was pulled shortly before its scheduled launch following public complaints over its use of an image from the July 7 terrorist attacks on London. In another case there were objections to a poster for Durex performa condoms. The advertisement featured inflated condoms arranged to form the words "roger more". EasyJet suffered complainants objected that the advertisement was offensive because it trivialised the recent war in Iraq.

redhandedAnd, finally of course, freedom of speech is now history. In 2004 two posters featuring the hooded Abu Ghraib detainee familiar from photos of torture at the Iraqi prison appeared in New York and San Francisco. These commercials from MoveOn were part of a $1.3 million campaign by the liberal activist group to expose Republican links with big business in the run-up to the November 2006 elections.

Thankfully we have the internet, where morals are relative, taboos are forgotten and freedom of speech got a whole new meaning.