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Spoiled bitch gets the wrong color birthday car

Here is a lesson on how to get hundreds of thousands of people to your website in a few weeks.

Step 1: Get your sister's birthday present filmed:

Videos are being moved

Dear all, the videos will not be accessible for up to 24 hours as I'm moving them to a secondary server to speed up downloads. Thank you for your understanding!

Update: Complete.

WOW! What a year!

2006 traffic

Thank you so much for this amazing year of 2006. The Ads of the World community superseded all my expectations. We have more than 7K registered users today and December was a great month in terms of activity. In December we had more than 5M page loads from 300K unique visitors. The numbers have increased every month despite my server problems in October (see the drop in visitors on the graph). The dedicated server is taking the load well most of the time, but I'm planning to have a second one just in case.

I would like to thank you for your kind daily visit and links to Ads of the World! Stay with AotW in 2007, I have great plans for you!

Mac OS X Dashboard widget with thumbnails

widgetYou've seen the AotW Dashboard Widget that shows titles of ads, blog posts and forum topics.

And, now Martijn sent me for xmas a new version that displays the thumbnails of the ads as well.

Click to download!

Enjoy and thanks a lot Martinj!

Happy Holidays!

Dear readers and members! I wish you merry xmas and a very happy new year! Postings will slow down for a week or so. Hope you will share the next year with me on Ads of the World! Cheers!

Communication Arts magazine features AotW

Communication Arts

David Wen from the University of Texas in the USA, who runs a cool communication blog The Ranch was kind enough to send me a picture from the latest issue of the magazine Communication Arts. It features a small article about Ads of the World. Thank you all for making this site the great community that it is.

Eurobest Live 2006

Check out the winners on EurobestLive 2006.

Some great work! Much of it you've already seen if you read Ads of the World regularly. Nice to see that the level is very high.

It you're one of the winners — congratulations!

Apology letters for Lego

I removed the Lego campaign of Saatchi & Saatchi, Guangzhou, China from the front page. The apology letters by request from the creators are attached.

Digging AotW?

Sometime ago I installed small links that appear under each post that give an easier access to post the article to various social networking sites.

I didn't do it to get more traffic on the site, as we have a nice community of pros and students already, but I thought to go with the flow and do as other blogs do. I just looked it up the effectiveness of the buttons on digg and an interesting thing happened.

Before at least a dozen times AotW articles were posted on digg. Since the buttons were installed not even one article was put up on digg. Because we are talking about big numbers of readers and hundreds of articles, I would not say that this is caused by the quality of the articles or number of readers. I think the quality is stable and we have more readers than ever before at 10K unique visitors a day. Digg is also doing very well with more users every month.

So, the only conclusion I can make is that the buttons have a negative effect on articles being posted. Pitching social networking so obviously as putting link on bottom of each article seems to be too blunt for readers.

Now, of course all this is of very limited interest to most ad people. I guess only ones who care are the guys and girls running blogs of their own.

However there is a bigger lesson in this story. When somebody is trying to go viral, do not make it too easy. Do not put up a video on your site and say: link this video on digg — make it go viral! If people like the stuff, people will link it without you begging for it. However, if you push too hard, readers will not be willing to make an effort to make your viral succeed. On the other hand, if the material isn't liked, you're doomed anyway.

Yes, you have to give the option to embed and download your wanna be viral. But, don't put the bloody digg links next to it. Pitch with modesty and with respect to your readers.

So, what do you say? Shall I remove the links?

ADC 86th Annual Awards competition


You may be interested to know that the ADC 86th Annual Awards competition is now open. Submit entries in advertising, graphic design, photography, illustration, interactive, hybrid and playground. The deadline for professional entries is January 10th 2007 and January 31st 2007 for students. Gold, Silver and Distinctive Merit winners will be celebrated at the Annual Awards gala on May 31st 2007 in New York, and all winning work will be published in full color in the Art Directors Annual 86.

Enter online at www.adcawards.org
Professional Deadline: January 10, 2007
Student Deadline: January 31, 2007
Email: info@adcawards.org

The Art Directors Club
106 West 29th Street
New York, NY 10001
T: 212-643-1440, F: 212-643-4266, F: 212-643-4293

Work in progress

I'm working on setting up a member section, like we used to have before the crash but probably a bit more interesting. Here is a sneak preview of the features. Hall of Fame: http://adsoftheworld.com/hof
Find out who is the most active commenter, what is the most popular content, etc.

Birds and Bullets

Bright Eyes LargeSweet dogs, sensuous lips, baroque decor, untied sneakers, fresh paint, and glamourous hips. Welcome to the wonderful world of Eric Bailey.

The art of San Francisco based painter/illustrator is as real as it gets. In his early days he took inspiration from graffiti and skateboard graphics. Although, he has grown up, his art still reflect the idealistic child, who is ready to rediscover the world.

It almost feels like a shame to put his hand at commercial work, but I guess it is another reality that will shape his work in the future. He worked for cool urban brands like Nike/Jordan, Burton and Converse. I can see his work being celebrated in Cannes next summer.

Check out his personal and commercial work on his website Birds and Bullets and make sure to have your speakers on.

Best Rejected Advertising revisited

ParisBestrejectedadvertising.com is full of new content and it seems the world is still full of taboos.

Sex is still a no-go in many countries of the world. This 2001 advert for the underwear label Agent Provocateur, which features the singer Kylie Minogue, was deemed by regulators to be too explicit to be shown on British television and was approved only for cinemas. This more recent advert for the fast food chain Carl’s Jr., featuring Paris Hilton, was the subject of complaints following its airing on US television in May 2005. This advert for Airborne cold remedies, featuring the actor Mickey Rooney, was rejected by the Fox televison network as unsuitable to be shown during the 2005 Super Bowl, due to its use of nudity.

People still can't take stereotypes well. An ad, in the Financial Times, for the American Jewish Committee stated "Can anyone within range of Iran's missiles feel safe?" In another tv commercial The Advertising Standards Committee of South Africa considered complaints in regard to television advertisements placed by the Amy Biehl Foundation. On 24 June 2003, the Advertising Standards Committee ("the Committee") considered a complaint by Ken Boffard and others in regard to a Dulux Print Advertisement featuring the now well-known picture of Happy Sindane.

Bad language and anti social behavior doesn't hold up it seems. The billboard advertisement, displaying the website address www.AUTOTRADER.co.nz, showed two dogs peering from a muddy vehicle. A large caption read: WE'VE GOT RIDES FOR DIRTY BITCHES. A commercial for Fanta Z opened with a young couple enjoying a picnic on a beach. They drank from their cans of Fanta Light, but then calmly spat the drink out. Others were also shown spitting the drink out in similar ways. This 2004 spot was created by Ogilvy and Mather as part of their campaign for the Ford SportKa. Although it failed to win approval from Ford, the ad appeared on the internet as a viral.

Roger MorePeople can't face reality and prefer to see a rosy picture. One advertisement in the UK showed a photograph of a new-born baby who had a cockroach crawling out of his mouth. This advert by Be A Witness, a campaign engineered by the American Progress Action Fund and the Genocide Intervention Fund, was rejected by the three major US TV networks (ABC, CBS and NBC) in 2005 because it was telling the truth.

Religion is another touchy subject for many. There was an objection to a national press advertisement, in the Metro and the Guardian, for the Erotica 2001 show at Olympia. The advertisement showed a man lying on a bed with his arms outstretched and his legs crossed at the ankle. The claim "lead me into temptation" appeared across the man's groin area, which was covered with a sheet.

Apparently, the world is still full of people lacking a sense of humor. This advert was pulled shortly before its scheduled launch following public complaints over its use of an image from the July 7 terrorist attacks on London. In another case there were objections to a poster for Durex performa condoms. The advertisement featured inflated condoms arranged to form the words "roger more". EasyJet suffered complainants objected that the advertisement was offensive because it trivialised the recent war in Iraq.

redhandedAnd, finally of course, freedom of speech is now history. In 2004 two posters featuring the hooded Abu Ghraib detainee familiar from photos of torture at the Iraqi prison appeared in New York and San Francisco. These commercials from MoveOn were part of a $1.3 million campaign by the liberal activist group to expose Republican links with big business in the run-up to the November 2006 elections.

Thankfully we have the internet, where morals are relative, taboos are forgotten and freedom of speech got a whole new meaning.

And.. we are back

I need to apologize deeply. I made a huge mistake. I didn't realize that the backup system was not working properly. So the daily backups I though are being done, were in fact weren't happening.

One day the hard disk died and I was left with no backup for AotW. I tried to send the damaged disk to a data rescue facility, but after inspecting the hardware, they told me there is little chance to save the data unfortunately.

I only had a local backup that had about 85% of the content. This was put back on the new hard disk. Sorry for all the lost comments and dozens of great ads. I will try to repost them along with the new ones in the next month or so. I also lost the data of about a thousand registered users. So, if you can't login, please re-register. I've learned my lesson, I've set-up off site backups now daily.

Thank you for your kind understanding and patience.

Ads of the World OS X Dashboard Widget

OS X Dashboard WidgetMacintalk Studio created a cool Widget for the Mac users. You require an Apple Mac with OS X 10.4 to run it. Sorry Windows users! (Maybe we can find somebody who can cook up a Yahoo! Widget.)

It is a mini browser that gets the RSS feeds of the front page ads, the forum and the blog and displays them as a list. You can click on each title and it will give you the whole article with a thumbnail of the posted ad. If you are interested in an ad just click the title to arrive to the page in your browser, so you can read the comments. Try it out, it's fun!

You can download it below. Any feedback is welcome!

Completed the move to a new server

Thank you for your patience for the last 2 or so days. I had to move the website to a new server. 7 million page loads a month needs serious hardware:

  • Dedicated server
  • Dual Intel XeonE 2.8 GHz CPUs
  • 1024 MB DDR2-400 ECC RAM
  • 160 GB SATA Hard Drive
  • 1500 GB Monthly Transfer

Please report any other problems you experience in comments.

Your account

If you haven't checked lately, go to your account page, click edit and you will get 3 tabs. The first one is your account settings. There is a new feature to switch on and off certain blocks. The second one is your contact information. You can add any type of instant messanger id. The third section is member information. Here you can add a lot of info about yourself, but most importantly your availability for freelance work and your acceptance of job offers. All these features are optional, so you can fill out as much as you like. Hope these new fields will help us to know more about each other. Let me know if you would like me to add any more fields.

For an example, click my name just below the post to learn quite a bit about me. You may want to drop a comment here if you did update your profile.

AotW is catching up on AdAge.com

Alexa graphJust had a look at the Alexa ranks of Ads of the World and were to surprised to see that AotW is catching up on the top advertising site in the world AdAge.com. See the graph as it is at the moment on the right.

Not in reach at all, but close in ranking and also in pageloads. If you want to know the rating of all sites you visit, you can install the Alexa toolbar.

Time to think of a a server upgrade. If you know of a really good dedicated hosting service please let me know!

AotW Gift Shop

thongAnnouncing the opening of the Ads of the World Gift Shop.

Express your love for advertising, show the world you're part of the AotW family. Get instanly cool by wearing one of the AotW panties, camisoles or cotton tees. Dress up your working table with an AotW mousepad and mug. Or put an AotW clock on the wall.

Oh, btw my friend tells me his AotW cap gets him chicks. Of course it does, everybody asks him about what the hell is Ads of the World?

Got a child

I may slow down a bit in posting ads to the site, because my first child Apple has been born yesterday. Bear with me!

Comments now moderated

Just a friendly note that I started moderating the comments. Any offending comments will be deleted for the sake of staying professional. You can still say: "Fuckin' mosquitoes drive me crazy", but you can't say: "Somebody should go fuck himself". Thank you for your understanding.

Cannes Private View

Tribal DDB is running a promotion for the Cannes advertising festival called cannesprivateview, which is a co-promotion between DDB and Campaign magazine.

Campaign magazine is launching a mobile text alerts service (produced by Tribal DDB) for the Cannes festival, along with a competition over the whole of next week where the organizers are asking delegates at Cannes to send in MMS photos from the festival. Visitors can then add captions to the pictures and upload them to the site. Photographs are organised by agency, so that you can see what the great and the good are up to, and prick their god-like egos with your cruel satirical wit. The best picture and caption as judged by site visitors will win airline tickets to Cannes and party invitations provided by DDB and Tribal DDB (airline tickets for UK residents only unfortunately). Check out the short dorky promotional film inviting to the promotion.

Sounds like fun to me!

Proud member of the 9rules network

I'm proud to announce that Ads of the World had been choosen to be part of the exclusive 9rules network. Read more about 9rules.

Dear reader, for this great acknowledgement, I would like to thank you! It's you sending me your material, giving me your feedback and participating in the discussions daily that makes up the Ads of the World experience.

9RulesHere are the 9 rules that we live by:
1. Love what you do.
2. Never stop learning.
3. Form works with function.
4. Simple is beautiful.
5. Work hard, play hard.
6. You get what you pay for.
7. When you talk, we listen.
8. Must constantly improve.
9. Respect your inspiration.

Superhero overload

iRiver Batman After the arrival of Batman to the silverscreen, a series of comic book superheroes made their debut in Hollywood. Spiderman, Hellboy, Xmen, Fantastic Four, Van Helsing, Daredevil and Hulk come to my mind and I'm sure I missed many and even more to come.

Superheros are not only popular in Hollywood. They also made it to advertising, as this award winning ad for Volkswagen ad shows from 2004 and another one featured in Archive from Prague showing a drunk superhero.

Superheros are especially big in Indian advertising. I've received at least 10 campaigns in the last 2 month featuring superheros advertising different product.

You must have seen the famous ads from 1pointsize featuring Batman, Superman and Spiderman. Ads of the World also featured another typo superhero campaign from Piyush Pandei's table featuring Superman, Tarzan and He-man.

Can't get enough? Check out the ad created by art director Pallav Medhi and copywriter Kapil Rana at the Dentsu Marcom, New Delhi agency for Daikin AC company. Finally, see the Spiderman, Phantom and Batman illustrations of art director Pawan Pathak from BEI Confluence Communication, Delhi India for iRiver.

Most readers work in the industry

poll results

Should not come as a surprise, but according to this poll we can tell that almost two third of the visitors work in advertising and more than a quarter of the readers are students. Thank you for your kind interest!

Top 10 ads last month

Out of the 1.5 million page loads received last 30 days, here is a list of top 10 most visited ads. No surprise 3 out of 10 ads have nudity.

1. Act up Paris: Aids
2. Morningwood: Wet t-shirt contest
3. Air pollution: Chicago
4. Maxim: Google Earth
5. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited: Yellow
6. Kodak: Face
7. Vim cream: Oh mama!
8. Tsunami: Note
9. Morphy Richards: War
10. Ella Bache: Sushi

Fedex commercial to be

Adrant reports about a cool Fedex Video available on Google video.

It shows an FAA Radar track sequence of a bank of FedEx aircraft getting into Memphis as thunderstorms pass over the airport.

It's highly entertaining, which is surprising considering the nature of the footage. Adrants suggests FedEx should capitalize on the success and entertainment value of this video and turn it into a commercial.

It can not compete with the dino ad shown on Superball for sure. Would this work as a TVC in your opinion? I feel the video has more virality and more brand building value as it is. A hack video in the wild. Once it gets a FedEx logo at the end, it will look lame.

Adverblog posts about our forum

Adverblog just posted a short news item about the forum.

I would like to thank you the reader making the forum a success so far. Your contribution both posting your work and giving your valued opinion makes the forum an interesting place to see new work and new talents in the making.

Captchas added

captcha exampleIf wish not to register for any reason you can still comment on aotw. You have to however pass a test that will qualify you as a human every time you comment. This is done through a so called captcha. See an example on the right. It reads gotmive. It's generated randomly and robots usually can't make it out, therefore they can't spam the site that easily. Hope you don't mind this little extra step.

Of course if you register it will only take you 30 seconds and you will not only be able to skip captchas, but will also get a few neat features that are available for registered users only, like the highlight of new comments since your new visit, the ability to be notified when new comment arrives on a certain content and a few other things.

Speed increase

You may have noticed some slowdowns recently on the site. We've worked hard on speeding things up with my programmer friend at 2bits. Hopefully now you experience a very fast response when browsing the site. More improvements are on the way...

Forum launched

Hey fellow advertising fans and professionals! We've got our own forum to discuss advertising topics. Ask questions, discuss strategies and news events. Hope you will find good use of it. If you have anything on your mind to share with us post a new topic now.

Subscription feature launched

The subscriptions feature allows registered users to subscribe to any type of content or category. A subscribed user will be e-mailed whenever a comment is updated or added. All content will display a new link, "(un)subscribe", which enable users to subscribe or unsubscribe. A new menu option, my subscriptions, allows you to view all current subscriptions and make modifications.

Podcast on Advertising

Katie Kempner, VP and Director of Agency Communications at the world's most successful agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky hosts an insightful podcast about advertising and public relations. The podcast called The Hook features interviews with creative gurus to discuss the latest news and strategies in the industry.

It's great to hear these top people in advertising speak about their views on the subject. It's very inspiring and motivating. The only annoyance is that the podcast is full of silly commercials, but hey we all get an FF button on our iPods don't we?

Subscribe to The Hook in iTunes.

Hit by comment spam

I have to apologise to those who wish not to register to comment. I had to disable comments for unregistred users. I got hit by a nasty spammer who littered the blog with some 200 spam comments. It took quite a lot of time to get rid of them and I wish not to bother you or myself with such things in the future, so do me a favor and take those 30 seconds to register and get yourself an account on Ads of the World.

There are many benefits of registering. You will be able to track your comments. The new comments will be highlighted. And, besides commenting, you will also be able to rank the ads.

Update 1: I've reenabled comments for non-registered users, but they will not appear instantly, but go into a an approval process where I manually approve them.

Update 2: Guest comment appear instantly. Captchas are enabled on the site.

100K+ unique visitors in December

Geo location

Unbelieveable! More than one hundred thousand unique visitors and almost one million page loads in December 2005 on AotW! This is way beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you all for reading and commenting.

Now, we are running on a dedicated server to handle to load, so you should experience better response times when browsing the site.

Please do keep sending the ads! Love you all!

Banner advertising

Banner blog logoAn amazing collection of great banner advertising can be found at the BannerBlog. The great content is paired with a very clean and easy to use design. It's exciting to see so many great initiatives that will hopefully lift the average quality of advertising globally in all media.

Dreamhost site of the month

Dreamhost site of the monthWOW! I just learned that Ads of the World has won the Dreamhost site of the month award! Thank you all for the votes!

And this comes at a time when several big news sites linked the site including Stylegala and Pixelsurgeon. Hope the server can keep the slashdotting whopping 50K page loads a day.

Too bad I don't have time to fix those few annoying bugs on the site that keep it from validating.



Virals are great. They break rules that traditional media imposes on advertisers. You can do sex, violence, racism to an extent and anything that would be a no go in national TV. Actually the more shocking the faster it spreads. The more your audience is outraged the better it works. Whether it does any good to your brand is a different question. You can see some examples right on this site.

They usually spread through personal channels. Mainly email. Friends, collegues and relatives are sending them to each other. Therefore such messages have a personal attachment to them by default. If it's good it becomes a topic of discussion.

However no matter how effective tool viral marketing is, without a good measure of it's success there is little chance a major client would buy into the idea of doing a viral ad. This is where Viralchart comes into the picture. You can add a sprite to your viral videos or games that will enable Viralchart to track your video being played, no matter if it's posted on a blog like Ads of the World or opened as an email attachment.

Unfortunately it won't work with press ads and I don't see how it can be done effectively. One simple way would be to embed the images into a flash or Quicktime movie. Of course it will only last until someone makes a screen grab.

Best rejected advertising

Marithe & Francois Girbaud last supper

Good advertising is always going to be about pushing the limits. About destroying taboos and reviewing old conceptions. However, if you look around the world you will find that over top is a very relative term.

While farting is perfectly ok, showing tits is a categorical no in the USA. Ironically in France the opposite is true. Interestingly a rather innocent beer ad would be definitely banned in Saudi Arabia or neighbouring states, not only because it advertises alcohol, but more importantly because it showcases evolution. However, the most brutal violence on TV or the cinema is ok to show even to small children.

Luckily on the internet with an exception of a very few topics almost everything goes. If you are interested what ads got banned and rejected visit the site Best rejected advertising (via Goodness).