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Watch Hillary falling

Hillary-ious and strangely addictive to watch game. Kudos to the Obama fans, who have done this viral. ;) If she gets stuck, you can help her out by dragging with your mouse to fall further.

Ads of the World January 2008 winners

Best film

Cure For Life Foundation: Birthday Cards


Kit Kat: www.breakultime-kitkat.fr


Jeep: Ten little vehicles


Best Outdoor

Friends of the Earth: The sticky poster


Financial Times: Cityscape


MER soft drink: Making out


Best Print

Volkswagen Golf R32: Perfectly tuned


Gegen Missbrauch: Hand


Jakarta Reptilians Lover Association: Trees


Best Ambient

SEB Bank: Street golf


Animal-Ambulance Breda: Boxes


Reebok Deutschland: Butterflies


Best Online

Apple: New York Times Quote




Kensington Products: Trickedoutmouse.com


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LinkedIn Ads of the World group

LinkedIn Advertising Professionals group

Ads of the World members who have registered at least 30 days ago are all pre-approved to these two groups!

Page One Publishing open for entries

Intrusive and in-your-face, ambient ads are set to sweep the advertising world and consumers off their feet with highly contextual ads found everywhere in public places, from store and street floors, to restrooms, escalators and buildings.

For its new book on outstanding ambient ads, Page One Publishing is now looking for projects that successfully bring together ingenuity, interactivity, execution and effectiveness. The book offers a platform for the creatives behind brilliant ambient ad projects, while bringing wider publicity for the featured ads.

We welcome all designers, creative agencies and companies to submit their creative and eye-catching ambient ads, and to be part of a publication that will entertain and inspire consumers and advertising professionals alike.

Submissions deadline is 15 March 2008. We look forward to seeing your projects!

Selected works will be featured in a full-colour, 240-page, 210 X 280 mm hardcover book entitled ADapt, which will be published and distributed worldwide in September 2008.

Please send a brief write-up of the ad along with a few sample images to:

Melody Tan

E-mail: melody_tan@pageonegroup.com


Li Jen Tan

E-mail: lijen_tan@pageonegroup.com

Super Bowl 2008 3rd Quarter Advertising

Semi-Pro Super Bowl Ad w/ Will Ferrell as "Jackie Moon"

Pletty good commercial, no?

Huh! I have a hunch this would not get approved today!

Have a nice trip!

Is this video going too far?

Creative resources on the Web

Ads of the World gets mention in Macworld magazine! Thank you! :)

Ads of the World: This site has been around for a while, but I overlooked its usefulness for a while before I realized what an incredibly inspirational design resource it is. Ads of the World is sort of like an online version of the Communication Arts magazines you’ll see floating around every design shop and ad agency in the world. AOW puts on display some of the most unique and creative ad agency work from around the world. While the work is all user-submitted, it must pass through a tough panel of judges in order to end up on display. Of particular interest to American designers is the visual freedom designers have in other parts of the world. Something we could only dream of, or not, as the case may be.

Ads of the World December 2007 winners

Best film

Apple: Get a Mac Holiday


For Eyes Optical: Husband


Microsoft Zune: Intergalactic Swap Meet


Best Outdoor

McDonald's: Serviette


Excellence: Worried


The Gazette: Elvis


Best Print

Hombre Magazine: Nurse


Band Aid kids: Bob's emergency


Tyskie Beer: USA


Best Ambient

Save the Children: Brainteaser


Seramis fertilizer: Bamboo


Health Secretariat of Rio Grande do Sul: Condoms


Best Online

Burger King: Whopper Freakout


Panasonic Custom Color Phones: Avoid the regift


Rexona Degree: Who is fermin?


JWT's list of 80 Things to Watch in 2008

JWT's list of 80 Things to Watch in 2008, in alphabetical order:

1. Africa (foreign investment and development in)
2. Antibiotic backlash
3. Assisted marriage
4. Beijing 2008
5. Blue replacing green as the environmental movement's color du jour
6. Brain exercises
7. British actress Keira Knightley
8. Carbon tax
9. Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang
10. Classical musician Gustavo Dudamel
11. Climate sightseeing
12. Continuation of comebacks (Indiana Jones, The Cure, etc.)
13. Cooperative consumption
14. Couch surfing
15. Country branding (Oman, Indonesia, etc.)
16. Designer Phillip Lim
17. De-teching
18. DJ Tiesto
19. DNA-based exercising
20. E-clutter (and e-clutter consultants)
21. Eco-fatigue
22. E-mail etiquette
23. Facebook suicides
24. Fashion label Vena Cava
25. Foreign government investment (e.g., China, UAE) in U.S. companies
26. French President Nicolas Sarkozy
27. Game 3.0 (gamer-generated global gaming)
28. Google's Android
29. Gossip Girl
30. Gphone
31. Green weddings
32. Higher education online
33. Hip-hop's Retro Kids
34. Humbling of the hedge fund manager (anti-excess post sub-prime)
35. Hybrid taxis
36. Indian actress Deepika Padukone
37. Intellectual luxury
38. Investigating ingredients
39. Japanese designs (Tsumori Chisato, Uniqlo, Muji, etc.)
40. Kitchen appliances as new power tools
41. Lifestyle curators
42. Lipstick trumping lip gloss
43. Manga-inspired clothes
44. Mobile technology explosion
45. Mobulimia
46. Music as awareness driver; concerts and other residuals as cash cow
47. Musicovery (music tailored to moods)
48. Myanmar
49. Nollywood (the rise of Nigerian cinema)
50. Outsourcing to Ukraine (and other Eastern European countries)
51. Pakistan's Benazir Bhutto
52. Pantone's 18-3943 (blue iris)
53. Pets in the office
54. Prius homes
55. Radical transparency
56. Radiohead repeats (name-your-own-price music)
57. Recycling into fashion (Nau, Gary Harvey, etc.)
58. Selfless as the new selfish
59. Sex and the City, the movie
60. Shiny Toy Guns (the band)
61. Skiing in novel spots (Kashmir, Japan, Greenland, Russia, Korea, etc.)
62. Single men saying no to sex
63. Skype sex
64. Smart Cars in American cities
65. SNS (social network service) brand communities
66. Spanish actor Javier Bardem
67. Staycations
68. Sturking
69. Tequila as the new wine
70. The N-11
71. Third screen (the mobile screen) rivaling the first screen (TV)
72. Trans-ertainment
73. U.S. gymnast Shawn Johnson
74. U.S. presidential election
75. Vicarious consumption
76. (Video) Gaming Olympics
77. Virtual gifting
78. Wannabe young Internet entrepreneurs (a.k.a. Mark Zuckerberg copycats)
79. Weak dollar/strong euro
80. Women juggling men

Merry Xmas Honey!

Advert found in a US flyer. No comments.

Ads of the World November 2007 winners

Best film

Unicef: Save the AIDS victim


Brandt Washing Mashine


Clorox: Turtle


Best Outdoor

AirTrain: Sudoku


BBC World: Woman




Best Print

Focus 12 Rehab Centre


La Diaria Newspaper


SGIC Insurance


Best Ambient

Wolf Hot Sauce


NG Kids Magazine


Prefers Out Milk Shampoo


Best copy based

Cadbury Wispa

Best minimalist


Best art direction

Eristoff Brother

Best from emerging market


Best post production

Playstation 3

Best student work

Durex Mark

Mark your favorite ads

We've got a new feature to announce today. Now you can mark your favorite ads. This is for registered users only of course — another good reason to register (hey, it's free).

Just click the Favorite link (with the litte heart icon) below the images or videos to mark them as fav. This way you can collect those important campaigns you want to keep as a reference for the future.

No need to search by keyword for those cool campaigns anymore. Just check your private image or video library and find the ads you want instantly.

You can also browse other member's favorite collections by visiting their profile and clicking the links to their favorites. Of course at this point most of these pages will be empty, but hopefully very soon private collections will start to emerge.

Here I started my own collection of images already.

Hope you will like this new feature and it will make Ads of the World more useful for your work and research!

If you find any bugs or problems, please let me know here in the comments! Thank you!

Sloggi's best bottoms contest

Two winners are awarded the hotly-contested title of the "world's most beautiful bottom".

19-year-old Kristina Dimitrova from Bulgaria and Andrei Andrei aged 24 from Romania won the women's and men's categories in the world's best bum contest, organised by the underwear maker Sloggi.

43 candidates from 28 countries battled it out at the final in Munich to convince the jury of the quality of their behind.

Boundaries of traditional advertising breaking down

FUCK THE LINE. I just got this press ad from ag_407, Brazil done by Creative Directors: Selma Navarro, André "Chuck Nóia" Felipe, Art Director: Alexandre d'Albergaria and Copywriter: Daniel Zago.

And, this points out something very important. The traditional posh attitude towards above the line is becoming less prominent and BTL together with online is becoming more important than ever. People don't watch as much TV, they read less newspapers and hate radio that's full of commercials. On the other hand ambient, content based advertising and online including virals is becoming the next big thing.

I'm not one of those claiming the 30" commercial is dead. But when you can get 80K views on your TV commercial on AotW for free and people skip ads with their Tivos or use the time to get themselves a beer, it's time to rethink the traditional ways of creating and distributing advertising messages.

Collection of unfortunately placed ads

Check out this collection of media placements. Things can go wrong, very wrong!

Tiempo BBDO and "the ugly of the neighbourhood"

It’s a short music video that we’ve made as part of a promotion for a brand of snacks. The video, which is about 3 minutes long, is strictly internet-only. No TV, no press, nothing. Just the internet.

The singer is a Spanish rapper called “El Feo del Barrio” (“The ugly guy of the neighbourhood”) and this is his launch video.

Bravia ‘Play-Doh’ behind-the-scenes video

The clip includes interviews with Creative Producer, Juan Cabral from Fallon, Animation Director Darren Walsh from Passion Pictures and Director Frank Budgen from Gorgeous and gives you a behind-the-scenes peak into the incredibly painstaking production process!

User avatars

Now you can have a small avatar that appears with your comments and forum topics on Ads of the World. Here is how to upload one:

1. Go to your account.
2. Click edit.
3. Find the section called Picture.
4. Click Browse and select your picture.
5. Click submit.

Nonsense needs your help!

Nonsense is a small start-up creative agency in London, and they've had a few ideas for their agency website. They're letting the ad community choose the idea which will be made on http://www.hightimewehadawebsite.com

Welcome to DMBDO, the Puppet Agency

Click read more below to watch the following episodes.

How far can we go to sell a product?

Adarena reports about an unusual way to sell soft drinks in Budapest, Hungary. Kofola was sampled on the street by painted topless girls. Reminds me of Speedbandits.

The picts are not safe for work. Click read more below to see the images.

Ads of the World Email Newsletter

Soon you will receive the first AotW newsletter. Here is the place to voice your comments. Thank you!

Check it out!

Jesus asks for forgiveness

Talk about clever media positioning. The poster above reads:

Father, Forgive them...
for they know ... what they do.

Nissan Rogue Commercial Part 2

Remember the spectacular Nissan marble maze commercial posted a few days ago?

Here is part 2. An amateur looking YouTube video.

Is this clever marketing from the creators of the original ad or there are people who have such inhuman hand eye coordination?

Blogging rules change

Sorry folks. The blog had too much spam and it was getting out of hand. If you want to write here please contact me and I will give you permissions to do so.

Hopefully such measures will ensure a higher quality of posts in the future. Thank you for your understanding!

50 milk spots

In total there will be 50 spots in this campaign, all by Head Gear Animation Toronto. There are 19 completed now and the remainder will be completed between now and Christmas. As each spot is completed, it begins airing.

Although short, they are full commercials. Through testing the agency discovered that teens (the target audience) have a low attention span and so they decided to make a whole bunch of very short ads.

The agency requested that they be made odd, quirky yet also rich. The concept is to have a different look for each spot, which was a wonderful opportunity for Head Gear as they got to pull out all the animation stops and dig deep into their artistic brains. The campaign draws on the full range of animation styles: stop motion, claymation, cel, 2D, collage, etc, etc.

You can view the 19 completed/airing ones.

Head Gear has also edited 6 of their favourites together and they are posted on YouTube here:

Client: Dairy Farmers of Canada
Agency: Due North Communications, Toronto
Creative Director: Karen Howe
Copywriter: David Gee
Art Director: Shawn Wells
Directors: Steve Angel, Julian Grey, Isaac King, Philippe Blanchard, Sean Branigan
Animators: Steve Angel, Julian Grey, Isaac King, Philippe Blanchard, Sean Branigan
Compositors: Julian Grey, Isaac King, Philippe Blanchard, Sean Branigan, Kyle Griblin
Producer: Kathryn Rawson
Production Company: Head Gear Animation, Toronto
Editorial: Head Gear Animation, Toronto
Sound Design: Head Gear Animation, Toronto
Sound Mix: Deschamps Studios, Toronto


They probably didn't mean to print this! :)

Chip Shop Awards

What do you guys think about the work?

PETA Blog Ad Competition

PETA has created our first ever blog ad competition and I thought that your users would be interested in entering.

Which slogan grabs you? "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur"? "Kentucky Fried Cruelty"? "Meat Is Murder"? Or maybe one of PETA's many other campaign slogans about circuses, the meat industry, the fur trade, or animal experimentation? PETA is sponsoring an ad contest specifically designed for denizens of the blogosphere rather than traditional advertising "dinosaurs"—and it's open to everyone, regardless of whether they're a professional or an amateur.

The idea is to create an ad consisting of an image accompanied by a few words of text that promote PETA or one of PETA's campaigns against animal abuse. The winning ad will be the one judged most likely to drive traffic to PETA's Web sites, such as FurIsDead.com, GoVeg.com, LettuceLadies.com, StopAnimalTests.com, and FishingHurts.com. PETA recommends that prospective entrants acquaint themselves with the various campaigns at PETA.org before designing an ad. Also, because the ad is for PETA, entrants shouldn't hesitate to be racy, provocative, shocking, or controversial.

The contest runs from September 4 to September 24. Ten finalists will be chosen, and their ads will be posted on PETA.org, where visitors can vote for their favorite ad. PETA will also place the finalists' ads on blogs all over the Internet. The winner will receive an Apple gift card worth $500. The remaining nine finalists will each receive a $20 Apple gift card. Finalists will be announced on October 8, and the people's choice winner will be named on October 30.

For more information about the contest and to complete the form for submitting ads visit http://peta.org/feat-blog_ad_contest.asp?c=petablgadctstptc

Agency fight in Jordan between Y&R and Publicis

Y&R was so proud they won so many awards on the local award show they threw a high ball to Publicis.

The first ad from Y&R Jordan after the award show (click for bigger image):

Publicis' reply the next day (click for bigger image):

Via: adblogarabia

Mumendi International Poster Contest

Mumendi (Mexican Museum of Design) calls designers, students, teachers, professionals and anyone interested in the subject (over 18 years of age), to participate in this International Poster Contest. Theme is "To Death with a Smile", to promote the exercise of good design, to stimulate creativity, so we might see the diversity and language richness in different cultures around the world, giving by every participant their own special style. All entries must have these dimensions: 60 x 90 cm in vertical format. Technique is freestyle but at the end it should go through any of the Adobe Systems Software Family in any of its versions and in the end it should be put into the electronic file format JPG. Lots of prizes, and the best entries will be exhibited at the Mexican Museum of Design from October 2007 to February 2008 in the Downtown Historic Center of Mexico City.

Deadline: September 14, 2007
Link: http://www.mumedi.org
Rules: http://www.mumedi.org/pdf/PostersToDeath.pdf

Ads of the World's Formula's Formula

Shani Gershi from Grey Israel took the original campaign for AotW by Satit Jantawiwat of JWT, Bangkok to the next level.

formula's formula

Here is the original campaign for your reference:

Advertising on toilet paper

NGO's love the loo as their medium of choice. Both WWF and Greenpeace had a take on it. Other low budget companies use it too. Here is a bik courier using the roll itself.

Now you can easily create an ad for any of your brands. Just visit just toilet paper and order your custom roll. The mind boggles at the possibilities.

Bush and Kerry are out of stock. However there is plenty of custom rolls available for the holidays.

Full size images appearing in a lightbox

We've implemented a new way of viewing full size images in the archive. It uses the popular lightbox technology. There are only two controls. You can close the lightbox to return to the page with the discussion and you can further zoom in if your screen is too small to display the full image at 100% by clicking the zoom icon in the bottom right corner. Let me know if you like it!

Update: Because you guys spoke out we reverted the operation to the way it was before. No more lightbox. Thanks for the feedback! :)

The Win Awards 2007 Show

The Final Entry deadline is August 31, 2007. Find entry form attached or fina form @ WIN website: http://www.thewinawards.com or @ www.beam.tv

JURORS: Ellen Steinberg: Group Creative Director, McKinney, Chris Staples: Founding Partner / Creative Director, Rethink; Judy John: Chief Creative Director, Leo Burnett, Toronto; Joyce King Thomas: Chief Creative Officer, McCann, New York; Steve Mykolyn, Vice President, Creative Director, Taxi; Christina Yu: Vice President / Creative Director, Lowe Roche, Sally Hogshead: Creative Director, SWAT

Rick Boyko to Present Nancy Vonk & Janet Kestin Advertising Tribute

The Co-Chief Creative Officers of Officers, Ogilvy-Toronto, Nancy Vonk and Janet Kestin (aka Jancy) have been named The Harriett Abbott Advertising Award 2007 Recipients. Rick Boyko will present Jancy’s special honor at The WIN Awards 2007 on November 11th in Los Angeles.

All-star Rick Boyko is still answering questions and making us laugh. Now the Managing Director of VCU AdCenter, for many years Rick was Chief Creative Officer and Co-President of O&M's $1.5 billion flagship New York office and soon became O&M’s North American Chief Creative Officer. Rick’s proudest achievement is “Brotherhood," a New York Times bestselling tribute book whose entire sales proceeds benefited the families of the fallen 9/11 firefighters.

The Woman of The Year at The WIN Awards 2007 joining our nominees, presenters and Co-Chairs including, Jada Pinkett Smith, Chloe Sevigny, Andie MacDowell and Paula Wagner. Our pending presenters, Eva Longoria, Virginia Madsen, Allison Janney, Leah Remini, America Ferrara, Jennifer Jason Leigh & Sarah Michelle Gellar, to name a few.

We have invited Dame Judi Dench as Lifetime Achievement recipient, which is an award we have presented to Lily Tomlin, Lauren Bacall, Jane Campion, Lynn Redgrave, Lauren Shuler Donner, Catherine Hardwicke, Pierce Brosnan & Laura Ziskin.

The WIN Awards will be held in Los Angeles on November 11th where WIN also presents awards to competing actors, films, advertising spots and TV shows. The WIN Awards for advertising are adjudicated on both creative excellence and effectiveness. The jurors select film, television and interactive advertising work that both set industry standards for creative excellence and serves as a source of inspiration worldwide.

WHAT: The WIN Awards 2007
WHEN: Sunday, November 11TH 8:00 p.m.
WHERE: Los Angeles, California
DEADLINE: August 31, 2007
ENTER: www.beam.tv/awards/win OR www.thewinawards.com

According to WIN founder, Phyllis Stuart, “Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk are not just the world-renown double 2007 Cannes Lion winning creative duo, they are outstanding people. Despite their demanding roles as Co-Chief Creative Officers at Ogilvy Toronto, they always make time to mentor students and fellow advertising professionals alike via www.creativeskirts.net, a community for women in advertising and their own blog: www.ihaveanidea.com”.

WIN will be accepting advertising entries until its August 31st deadline. Find the entry form at BEAM TV www.beam.tv/awards/win or WIN’s website: www.thewinawards.com . Email ps@thewinawards.com for more information or call 310-229-5365.

For additional information contact Joy Tuttle: 310-229-5365 joy@thewinawards.com Visit the WIN website http://thewinawards.com or www.beam.tv/awards/win