F/Nazca and the festivals of 2009

Here is a letter I received from Fabio Fernandes / President and CD or F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi:

In 2009, F/Nazca will not submit its pieces to any festival that charges registration fees.

Our decision is in line with a broader objective for the agency in 2009—to focus on the qualification of our professionals, their well-being, agency growth, expansion of our facilities and double our attention on everything that is really the core of our business.

F/Nazca has absolutely nothing against advertising awards and does not agree with those that find them irrelevant or harmful to the business. To the contrary, the agency owes much of its reputation to the visibility reached through these local and international contests, which have, consistently and frequently, recognized F/Nazca’s creative quality.

Therefore, our decision merely reflects our feeling that 2009 should be a year to channel our resources to that which will more rapidly turn F/Nazca into an even bigger agency, even more professional, even more human and, because of that, even more wanted by advertisers and talented professionals in our market.

Next year, we will resume participation in festivals with all our strength, as we have always done. Because we are very intense in everything we do.

Fabio Fernandes – President / Creative Director

Communication Department
F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi
+ 55 11 3059 4907/ 4902

What can I say? During these times of economic recession and wide-spread lay-offs this is a very good strategy.

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