Martin Lindstrom's new book "Buyology"

"What connection, if any, exists between religion and our buying behaviour? Are there similarities between the way our brains respond to religious and spiritual symbols, and the way they react to products or brands?"

Martin Lindstrom, author of the forthcoming book Buyology – based on the world's largest NeuroMarketing study peering inside 2,000 volunteers to understand our true feelings about brands, advertising, product placement has been on a four year mission to find a link between brands and religion. "The entire scientific team was shocked as we for the first time ever realized the true connection between brands and religion" says Lindstrom in the lead up for the global release of his next book.


Alex Davis's picture
Alex Davis

What is truly remarkable about Lindstrom's research is the actionable value of Buyology. Marketers can take this information and translate it into live experiments at retail with sensory focused marketing strategies. And it's needed now more than ever considering that the world economy has slowed to a near halt and people have to be enticed to shop by more than just pricing.

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RIck Julian

I'd suggest religions are the *original* brands, and certainly the most successful and enduring ones. I recently posted a vlog entry that examines the role of community, iconography, language, music and sound, and architecture as practiced by religions in a effort to glean insights into how we can emulate their success.

I look forward to the release of Buyology.


Rick Julian

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