Super Bowl 2008 4th Quarter Advertising

Coca-Cola: Bill Frist and Jam

Toyota Sequoia: Racing Big Wheels

You Don't Mess with the Zohan Movie Trailer w/ Adam Sandler

eTrade: Talking Baby Rents a Clown

Taco Bell Fiesta Platter: Mariachi Band Brings It

Gatorade G2: Dog Drinks Hydrator

Bud Light: Will Ferrell as Jackie Moon, Semi-Pro

Hyundai: 2008Genesis vs. Mercedes & BMW

Victoria's Secret with Adriana Lima

Amp Energy: Tow Truck Driver Jumper Cables

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I HATE budweiser commercials. they make no sense to me, and contribute nothing to the brand

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Rahul Mate
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advt is a past time love to enjoy

What a wonderful ads
They have caught the perfect situation and emotions. Afterall ads titlates our emotions and we fall for it.
Rahul Mate