Super Bowl 2008 3rd Quarter Advertising

Semi-Pro Super Bowl Ad w/ Will Ferrell as "Jackie Moon"

Claritin Allergy: Carl Edwards of NASCAR Witch Doctor To Shrink Heads as Plan B

Sales Genie Super Bowl Commercial

Glaceau Vitamin Water: Shaq as Jockey

Bud Light: Cave Man Invents Wheel

IceBreakers Ice Cube Gum w/ Carmen Electra

Bridgestone Tires: Alice Cooper & Richard Simmons

Career Builder: Follow Your Heart

Hyundai Genesis 2008: New Luxury Car

Disney Wall-E Movie Trailer: Vacuum Love

20th Century Fox Jumper Movie Trailer

eTrade Talking Baby: Baby Buys Stock

Bud Light: The Ability to Fly

Sunsilk: Hair of Madonna, Shakira, Marilyn Monroe

Coca-Cola: Parade Balloon

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Activity Score 55

Coke had the best ad this year, and keeps the streak alive after their two great spots, "Happiness Factory" and "Grand Theft Auto" from last year's Super Bowl.

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Activity Score 357

I agree. Just sad Coke´s the only one reaching fot that special Super Bowl level! A bit disappointed...