Super Bowl 2008 1st Quarter Advertising

Bud Light

Audi R8 Luxury Sports Car

Diet Pepsi Max: Ginseng & Caffeine; Wake Up People

SalesGenie: Boss Threatens to Fire Salesman

Bud Light: Wine & Cheese Party

Under Armor

Bridgestone Tire: Squirrel vs Car

Doritos Crash: Kina Grannis

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pixelbomb1's picture
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this year's commercial wasn't as good as last years. night at the roxbury was cool.

SeanMartin's picture

Not a very imaginative bunch, compared to things like "Cat Herders" from years past.

caroda's picture
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I liked the Doritos: Kina Grannis commercial because of the video. I didn't know about what Doritos did until after the game.


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mahmoud_khalil's picture
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i loved Bridgestone commercial

Wordnerd's picture
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haha me too!

babahall's picture
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wot the heck was that under armour ad? bleech! unnecessarily macho...

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