Happy New Year everybody!!

I would like to wish you a happy and successful 2009. Hope you win your first lion this year. Hope you will find your true love. Hope you get whatever your dreams are!

2008 was great for our community. AotW has grown to 51,000 registered users and readers looked at 230,000,000 pages throughout the year. We have great plans for 2009.

It would be interesting to know what everybody's new year resolution is. Let me start the list below!


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My plan:
1. I will develop cb and AotW according to the plans.
2. I will get one more big client for my business.
3. I will learn InDesign properly.

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I ll keep working hard
Ill keep loving what sorrounds me
I would love to know who won the aotw research competition...

when you`re giving the shorlist Ivan, thanx for everything.


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dang.. the last time i said happy new years was 2007.. Ivan once again H A P P Y 2 0 0 9!

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1 ] I have in the past always thought - I need one "BiG" client.
My resolution this year would be - with my ideas i will try & make one of my clients "BIG"

2 ] No matter how succesful i will be,i will always believe that "This is just the beginning"

Happy new year Ivan and all readers.


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1- i will still be in advertising
2- i will still surf AOTW
3- i will work less
Happy New Year 2009....!!!

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Thanks for 2! That's a good plan.

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1. Un leon de cannes
2. Ir de viaje a Tailandia.
3. Hacer un cortometraje.

Feliz año 2009 a todos!!!!

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1- I will work more in advertising
2- I will develop my 3d max skills
3- I will create multimedia Guitar Lessons

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good ..all d best

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2009 is a monumental year for me at flosslounge. 2008 was pretty fruitful and 2009 i am going for my first million dollars.
Kind regards

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