Blogging rules change

Sorry folks. The blog had too much spam and it was getting out of hand. If you want to write here please contact me and I will give you permissions to do so.

Hopefully such measures will ensure a higher quality of posts in the future. Thank you for your understanding!


eduo's picture

Congratulations on a much-needed decision. It'll probably lead to a better experience all-around.

ivan's picture

Thanks eduo.

Chris's picture
1987 pencils

probably partly my fault for getting the 100k hits from that post a while back, digg it. com or something.
but a good idea none the less.

ivan's picture

Yes, diggs attract many visitors and where there is traffic there is spammers. But they won't stop us! :)

Dalbir Singh's picture
Dalbir Singh
552 pencils

Good move Ivan, I guess you need to filter the stuff just like the ads....

ivan's picture

Thanks dalbir. How is the new place? :)

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3950 pencils

xcellent decision Ivan ;)

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