PETA Blog Ad Competition

PETA has created our first ever blog ad competition and I thought that your users would be interested in entering.

Which slogan grabs you? "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur"? "Kentucky Fried Cruelty"? "Meat Is Murder"? Or maybe one of PETA's many other campaign slogans about circuses, the meat industry, the fur trade, or animal experimentation? PETA is sponsoring an ad contest specifically designed for denizens of the blogosphere rather than traditional advertising "dinosaurs"—and it's open to everyone, regardless of whether they're a professional or an amateur.

The idea is to create an ad consisting of an image accompanied by a few words of text that promote PETA or one of PETA's campaigns against animal abuse. The winning ad will be the one judged most likely to drive traffic to PETA's Web sites, such as,,,, and PETA recommends that prospective entrants acquaint themselves with the various campaigns at before designing an ad. Also, because the ad is for PETA, entrants shouldn't hesitate to be racy, provocative, shocking, or controversial.

The contest runs from September 4 to September 24. Ten finalists will be chosen, and their ads will be posted on, where visitors can vote for their favorite ad. PETA will also place the finalists' ads on blogs all over the Internet. The winner will receive an Apple gift card worth $500. The remaining nine finalists will each receive a $20 Apple gift card. Finalists will be announced on October 8, and the people's choice winner will be named on October 30.

For more information about the contest and to complete the form for submitting ads visit