Mark your favorite ads

We've got a new feature to announce today. Now you can mark your favorite ads. This is for registered users only of course — another good reason to register (hey, it's free).

Just click the Favorite link (with the litte heart icon) below the images or videos to mark them as fav. This way you can collect those important campaigns you want to keep as a reference for the future.

No need to search by keyword for those cool campaigns anymore. Just check your private image or video library and find the ads you want instantly.

You can also browse other member's favorite collections by visiting their profile and clicking the links to their favorites. Of course at this point most of these pages will be empty, but hopefully very soon private collections will start to emerge.

Here I started my own collection of images already.

Hope you will like this new feature and it will make Ads of the World more useful for your work and research!

If you find any bugs or problems, please let me know here in the comments! Thank you!


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This has been a long time coming, and I really appreciate it.

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Sir Ivan

Thanks Maaan!!

|dizligzig drunk... the heights|

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"LOVE IT" ...Ivan just a quest!!! why should the" favorite" symbol be like a lovemark?

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Because you love the favs. :) What else would it be?

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Jon-Paul Mountford
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Ooo, The best thing since sliced paper.
Later, could there be a way to organize them.
ie.. alphabetic, chronological?

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really good announce,

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Great feature, nice thinking ivan.

-semutapi colony-

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Mr. Ivan,,, I think you are going to be triiillionaire.

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Thanks, but site is already sold.

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Contents of this website are good and appreciative. Recommended to all.

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Thanks for the post.

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