Boundaries of traditional advertising breaking down

FUCK THE LINE. I just got this press ad from ag_407, Brazil done by Creative Directors: Selma Navarro, André "Chuck Nóia" Felipe, Art Director: Alexandre d'Albergaria and Copywriter: Daniel Zago.

And, this points out something very important. The traditional posh attitude towards above the line is becoming less prominent and BTL together with online is becoming more important than ever. People don't watch as much TV, they read less newspapers and hate radio that's full of commercials. On the other hand ambient, content based advertising and online including virals is becoming the next big thing.

I'm not one of those claiming the 30" commercial is dead. But when you can get 80K views on your TV commercial on AotW for free and people skip ads with their Tivos or use the time to get themselves a beer, it's time to rethink the traditional ways of creating and distributing advertising messages.


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yeah, but who watches commercials on the interweb? only us ( art directors/designer types) = very small demoG.