Policy on taking campaigns down

I want your opinion. Please hear me out.

Recently there was a major meltdown at, a popular social bookmark sharing site. Somebody posted a topic with a certain number that digg decided to take down after a cease and desist letter from a big company. Retrospectively, this decision was wrong. Digg users revolted and practically broke the site by posting the same number over and over in thousands of different ways to protest against censorship on digg. Since than the digg admins acknowledged that they should have fought the cease and desist rather than taking the post down.

This made me think. Even though the rules of submission are clearly stated here, I had to take down at least 10 campaigns since the start of operation of ads of the world roughly 2 years ago. Some of them were kind requests from the creators or their agencies. Others went ahead and sent me a cease and desist letter through their lawyers. In all cases, although I was not happy, but I did comply with their request.

I did it for 3 reasons.
1. I didn't want the creatives behind the campaigns to get in trouble and lose their job.
2. I wanted them to keep sending me their work, so I can showcase them to you.
3. I didn't want to deal with lawyers more than necessary.

What do you prefer? Shall I fight such requests and keep the campaigns up risking that the whole site may go down in the result of a legal procedure? Or shall I adhere to such requests and sacrifice a few campaigns from the archive? Give me your kind opinion.


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In a world of great creative, if a few folks ask to have their work taken down then hey, their loss. This forum is a free promotion of the work done by these teams, and if they are asking you to take it down, there must be a reason such as a client not wanting it revealed in certain markets, or a feeling that it will dilute or mis-represent the brand in some fasion. Whatever it is, Ivan, you have worked too hard and developed too great a site to allow anyone to tear it down.

Go with the path of least resistance, and ensure that your community continues to benefit from all your hard work. And thanks, by the way, for everything you have done for us!


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I say that the way your handeling it right now is the right one. Nobody wants to get into trouble and I see it like this. This website is a nice perk for everybody who wants to see soem good advertising work. You do not have to pay, you can allways watch, you only have to register if you want to talk.
Websites as Lurtzer(?) need registration to see the ads, in that case they have more to demand. This is all free in my opinion, so who are we to demand more free stuff.

Its like the saying: "Being offered a finger and taking the whole hand"

If an agency does not want his or her work to be shown on websites, than who are we to disrespect that decision, we did not make the work, so we do not have any saying over its rights.
...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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It's free promotion for them having showcases of their agancies in AOTW, if they request it, with no hard feelings on this side of the pond, I agree with Nde, its really their loss. I'm very happy to content myself with all the other thousands of ads that you have.

I guess in the end you can just say " Its only advertising!"

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Freedom of speech is one thing. Being asked to stop putting up a certain brand's ads is another. There may be all kinds of legal reasons why they can't have their ads popping up all over the place. I remember all the red tape we had to deal with at one agency when we produced some t.v spots. Nightmare.

I think you are handling the situation perfectly and with great tact.

Thanks for soliciting our opinions on the subject!

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do whatever your heart tells you but please dont compromise the site

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All the work posted here comes with the consent of the creators and its their responsibility to get the approval of clients and their respective agencies before submitting it to you. If issues crop up later because they haven't come clean then its a waste of your time. But it would be a bigger waste if you had to go through an unnecessary legal battle. So, while it can get irritating i think what you're doing right now is the right thing.
And you're doing it admirably well at that... :)

Thanks for everything Ivan!

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You're not compromising the site by taking down ads due to both "people asking you" and "lawyers filing against you."
A simple graphic, much like YouTube's version, stating the file has been removed, is enough to say it's down and then people know it's removed and stop searching your archives.

I've really enjoyed watching your site blossom into a compendium of advertising and a real vehicle for campaigns and creativity...

Don't don't don't stop the rockin'

Peace out Ivan

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hey ivan,

I think breaking the traffic records (again) simply proves that whatever u r doing, it must be something right..:)

So juz keep it up and god knows maybe one day AoTW could become the new media where every admen on earth wants to advertise in.

Cheers boss!