Record traffic on Ads of the World

Again, we broke the record in traffic this month. We had a whopping 540K+ unique visitors and 12.7M+ page loads in March 2007. And as you can see on the graph the traffic is growing exponentially. To give you a comparison this is more traffic than what receives. Thank you all for promoting Ads of the World among your friends and colleagues!

I hope to fine tune some things on the site in the near future to make things easier, especially regarding videos and radio. Let me know if something is not working as you would like it to and also let me know what features would you like to see. You can send me a feedback email or comment here. Either way, I'll take notes.


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Congrats my friend!

Now, for all of you who are looking at this site and asking yourself, "What's in this for me?", and here are some thoughts!

1) If you are hiring, POST YOUR JOB with Ivan. Obviously, he has an audience of creatives who would fit the bill and it is much more targeted than any other job site would be. This is a site FOR creatives BY creatives. Besides, paying a recruiter 25-30% of first years base salary is much more expensive than, say an $800 job posting.

2) ADVERTISE. I know I will be. Think of what the possibilities are with 12 million pageviews per month. Unbelievable traffic. Unbelievable loyalty. His proposals are strategic, and they have a terrific audience (that's you guys) who are very interactive; very involved.

C'mon everyone, this site is part of your everyday, help keep it alive by doing your part, and helping yourself at the same time!

Nick DeJesus | Chief Growthologist | | 212-686-6052 | Survey

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You are planning to advertise here? Cool! :)

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Radoslav Minchev
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I've got some ideas too :D

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Don't mention it :D
We all know that the new traffic record comes from the fact that I too am a member. People come from all over the world to see the great Minimum. Well, I did it for all of you and youre welcome :D

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All hail to Minimum! ;)

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do you win anything if you have broken traffic records????;) your site works ....keep it streamin

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Yes, I win myself encouragement to keep doing it. :)

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Ivan you worked very hard for it you deserve all the best

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congratulations! this is terrific news! witness the ever growing AOTW! witness!

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yay you!

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