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champagneLadies and gentleman. We can proudly claim to be the biggest online advertising community. We have more than ten thousand active registered users on the site. By active I mean users who confirmed the their email addresses and visited the site at least once.

We've also made two records yesterday in traffic. At one point we had 38K page downloads an hour. That's like 10 pages per second. And the total number of page loads was half million on Monday.

I'm extremely proud to be associated with such a vibrant and active community. Love you all! Cheers!


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Ivan, I think I speak for the lot when I say. Thank you for making this community possibly. You are doing your best to give us the best in advertising and yes the worst in advertising so we can see exactly why the best are so good.
The reason that this site has 10.000 users is quite simple. This site simply is the best site to discuss advertising online. I myself find great pleasure discussing the por's and con's of an advertisement campaign with others like yourself, michelle, Dick, Joseph, Pixel and many others who supply good critique.

The fact that this site is now this big was only a matter of time.

Ivan, congratulations on a job well done!

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Whoa, congratulations Ivan You deserve it, and yet the idea was so simple: make a site posting great ads where people can comment on them. This site is clear, simple, and I learn so much from it. Keep up the good work, don't stop : you rock

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i believe in this site.
i tell everyone about it, i'm not sure if they heed my recommendations, but be sure i tell everyone i know about AOTW!

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Thanks! Word of mouth recommendations are the most valuable to us.

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Joseph Campbell
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Not surprised at all. The only downside to this is agency productivity is going to take a nosedive around the world. But who cares? This site is fun.

By the way, you should put a Frappr map on this site. ( It's a cool way to see where everyone lives.

We'll reconvene at 10.

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congrats. i recently joined. i find it all great.

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congrats Ivan you are tha MAN cos AOTW 'S ........sooooo ADherent
THUMBS UP 5 of em

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Activity Score 102

Congrats my friend, you really have developed a truly great service to not only these members, but the advertising world overall. All the members who get to see the creative posted here are made better for that, and so their creative gets better. You can tell your grandkids one day, that you've help train the creative masses! Thanks for raising the bar -

Nick -

Nick DeJesus | Chief Growthologist | | 212-686-6052 | Survey

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