NewCreatives making a fool of themselves at Cannes

Check out the video and the images. And, all this for a little publicity!


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sexy :p

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well.. all the best creatives saw them. so i guess its right on the money.

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haha classsic, he should have come out in the borat mankini!

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Viewed from this angle, people apparently didn't think it was that foolish...

ivan's picture

Yes, people were laughing. It's good marketing and an advertising award show audience can appreciate such an idea. But, still what image does this build for you? Every time I think of newcreatives in my mind the previous image of the cool white layout of the website is now overpowered with a slightly overweight white guy in black socks, underwear and pink miniskirt jumping around in a clumsy way. Still I admit, any publicity is good publicity and at least this action didn't offend anyone.

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lolol live is better ......

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