Cannes Lions 2007 Press Grand Prix and Outdoor Gold winner

The campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, USA for Ultra Tide Stain Remover not only won an Outdoor Gold, but received the most prestigious award in advertising the Press Grand Prix 2007. Congratulation to Saatchi & Saatchi and the whole team. Well deserved awards.

You can click the images for full credits with comments (and larger size image) and see the incredible detail in the close-ups below.


Ketchup doesn't stand a chance
Tide 2x ultra



Mayonnaise doesn't stand a chance
Tide 2x ultra


Soy souce

Soy sauce doesn't stand a chance
Tide 2x ultra



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Yeah its cool, but here's a challenge for you. Try find more than one magazine it ran in!

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hahhahaha we both know thats impossible

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i really cant figure the add out ....can anyone help out?

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oh my God...i finally got it... ha ha ha ...this is GOOD...very GOOD

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wing wong
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Tide alway say it can let the cloth white.if we continue say white i think can't win the gold so easy .

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really brilliant..............!!!!

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Wow. They are not trying to sell Tide, they are definitely trying to win some award.

And it works. This is very cool.

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how does that billboard work?

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cool idea : *

uh oh ..


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is this a ghost?

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i havent seen that close up yet.

thanks ivan :)

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So, Tide Ultra Stain Remover is for carpet stains, is that the gist here? I mean, if it's laundry detergent, my mind can still get there from here.

I mean, it ain't exactly one of them there 'Guantanamo' leaps, now is it?

And the various condiments are all the different manner of crap that drip, spill or ooze out the sides of, say, a sandwich or hamburger?

Okey-dokey. I think I'm up to speed.

Moving forward...

I gotta say, I think this is a case of an ad campaign appealing to those who are actually IN the business more so than Joe & Judy Six-Pack.

After all, those two are still wrestling with the concept that drove Mr. Whipple to "squeeze the Charmin."

You don't believe me?

You would not believe how many nimrods, dipsticks and slack-jawed yokels, upon learning I worked in the ad biz, asked the following:

"So, this 'Whipple' character, he's squeezing the TP because... uh, because he's fantasizing, right? You know, like it's as if he's squeezing some cute housewife's butt? NO? Oh, okay. In that case, I'm not really all that sure... I, you know, GET IT."

Yep, you and Mr. Whipple.

Neither of you "gets it."

Not now.

And probably not ever.

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Ad Consumer

I liked these ads - I call this sort of thing a "people pixel" ad. Good stuff to keep people looking more and being glad they did. I blogged about it on If you know of some more please contact me!

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love em.

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hey,,very precise to the point and cool idea

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intentions are not very healthy....

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