We've have some great news today!

Sites I started, Creativebits.org and AdsoftheWorld.com have been acquired by Jupitermedia Corporation. The two sites have a combined traffic of more than 1 million unique visitors per month and now, they will become part of Jupitermedia's Graphics.com network. One of the many sites you're probably using daily that are part of Jupitermedia are the stock exchange sites: sxc.hu and stockxpert.com.

What does this mean for you? I will have more time to work on creativebits and Ads of the World, which should mean more and better content. It will also be able to develop the sites further to offer you more features.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for making this community a vibrant and active place that we all enjoy day in and day out to learn more about our beloved profession and to socialize with people who share our interest.


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Congratulations, Ivan. Another internet success story..

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yeah, congrats ivan! roll in the dough!

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Congrats man!!!

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Congrats ivan! :)

I only hope that this wonderful site will continue to be free of charge, but just keep the fine ads coming and lets have a sober discussion.


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@ur service ;)

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good 1!

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That´s great Ivan. Congrats!!!

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Thanks everyone for your support! :)

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Hey!! congrats Ivan...

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Hey Man.... Send in some cash to my bank account!!

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Ok. I'll send you 100 million dollars, but first you need to send me a 500USD processing fee. ;)

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