Full size images appearing in a lightbox

We've implemented a new way of viewing full size images in the archive. It uses the popular lightbox technology. There are only two controls. You can close the lightbox to return to the page with the discussion and you can further zoom in if your screen is too small to display the full image at 100% by clicking the zoom icon in the bottom right corner. Let me know if you like it!

Update: Because you guys spoke out we reverted the operation to the way it was before. No more lightbox. Thanks for the feedback! :)


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I don't like it too much as I have to insert the direct picture link manually if I want to download
the full size picture. If there would be a way to save pictures from that lightbox window with right click it would be much better.

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This is easy to solve. You just need to CTRL-click the preview image instead of clicking it and select "save link as..." from the pop-up menu. The wording may differ on different browsers and operating systems, but the concept is the same.

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yes problem solved, thanks. ;)
i'm not sure every user will get it though without explanation. can you implement a download button in the lightbox?

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It's ok.. bot not really useful in most cases. A lot of images are just too big for the screen, so zooming it to screen-witdh isn't the best solution :/

Other than that.. when viewing several ads at the same time (like opening 20 tabs in the browser at the same time) it gets a little heavy, lot more than before.

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I don't understand the part about the 20 tabs. Is that related to the lightbox?

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For me it's not really useful and I can't download the full size version. Sorry, I rather the old version.

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You just need to CTRL-click the preview image instead of clicking it and select "save link as..." from the pop-up menu. The wording may differ on different browsers and operating systems, but the concept is the same.

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Ok, it works for me, but it's still a little less instinctive. Maybe you could put a small "quick view" under the previews in the home page.

Like this:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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Maybe so. Thanks for the layout!

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Yeah me too. Almost all the ambient stuff has to be clicked twice cos the print is small plus it just feels slower even to get to the first enlargement.

I admit the old version isn't as new fangled as this approach but it worked a lot better.

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Speed. keep the way it works but loose the transition and all of the fancy stuff, it makes it too slow. I think the troops would be half happy if it came up quicker.

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I have to say I prefer the old way. I too like to open up a dozen ads from the main gallery view in separate tabs (feature of Firefox, Safari, etc) in order to let full size images load while I'm taking a close look at the first one I've clicked on. This new Lightbox makes that process too resource intensive.

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I see. Thanks for the feedback guys!

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This light box script, which is available free at http://www.dynamicdrive.com is one of the most overused scripts on the net. Personally, I find it annoying and since I've seen it so many times before, and never on professional sites (usually personal blogs and personal photo albums) it makes the site look a little cheap.

Plus, since it uses dhtml to load it is actually reducing your page views in relation to the old site where the page would have refreshed counting as additional impressions. I'm of course assuming that your site generates money off CPM advertising.

In summary, I'm not a big fan of this method of previewing and I appreciate you creating a thread to allow me to whine. :)

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I think it's fine Ivan. It serves my purposes well. You continually try to make the site better and for that I thank you.

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Personally, if i didnt have to go to the bottom corner to zoom in, i'd be fine by me. The lightbox is fancy and all, but it takes time to load and such. I find it much more efficient to look at ads the old way where i could just click it, and move on to my next tab.

My two cents, it'd be best to be able to configure under preferences menu.

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Hi, earlier we need just two clicks to get to view the full size version, now it requires three. if you could get light box to load the full size image in its actual size then i guess it would be perfect.

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