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I've seen dozens of comments where our members used a 10 point rating to evaluate work. Example: "Good work guys. I give it a 6. Keep it up".

So, today we introduced a rating system on all images and videos in the archive in the form of little globes below the images. Roll your mouse over the globes then click on the globe corresponding to the number you want to award. You selection will be added to the average number.

Here is what each rating means. For terminology I borrowed the JWT system for rating creative work:

1 globe: Damaging. The work is damaging to the client and the agency.

2 globes: Wasteful. People will avoid this work. It's a waste of clients and agency's resources.

3 globes: Boring. Both the idea and the execution is ordinary. The customer will tune out before it's finished.

4 globes: Predictable. Soundly executed but bland. People have seen it before and will get to the end of message before you do.

5 globes: Competent. The idea is told an interesting way or it is well executed. People will give you the time to complete your message.

6 globes: Rewarding. This work will get noticed. People will feel rewarded having spent time with it. Its impact will linger longer than the duration of the message.

7 globes: Innovative. This is innovative work and the best example of its category in its region. People will want to see it again.

8 globes: Market Leading. This is the best work in its category in the world. It leads the market and people will rethink their perception of the brand and the category.

9 globes: World Class. This work competes with the very best ideas in the world. People are talking about it. It will make the brand, client and agency famous.

10 globe: World Beating. This sets a new standard in the world of communications. It is an entirely new idea that is highly involving. It is being talked about worldwide.


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Great idea and great execution. I give this rating system 10 globes.
Well, maybe I'd just change it from one color to a changing cale of colors.
And another thing, it will be very helpful and much easier and accurate to rate if when pointing the pointer on each rate, it will remind what it means, 1 = Damaging, 2 = wasteful etc.

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Excellent idea!!! I'm already using it on every ad.

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Thank you guys. Only you will make it work.

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You need to register to vote though. ;)

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We now allow voting for non-registered users, like we do with comments.

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i've seen those globes countless times.

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You mean on this site? Or elsewhere?

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elsewhere. just google 'globe' and you'll get thousands.

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Yes, the globe is from the logo of AotW. It stands for being a worldwide ad showcase. I don't claim it to be unique. :)

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Nice idea. We did talk with a friend about how nice would it be to have a voting system on the site, And our wish became true! Great.

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This rating system really reminds me of the one in use by the "new" JWT (as opposed to the "old" J. Walter Thompson).

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good idea.. this was needed long back....

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