Miami ad schoold thesis work

Check out this concept done at the Miami ad school:

Here is what the creators say about their work:
We created a concept product design called the "StreetBox" that lets people experience what Xbox feels like when you play it, that being real. The StreetBox uses different technologies - such as nano to function. Besides being a promotional item we realized that the StreetBox confronts child obesity and let's people play outside. The StreetBox also contains the concept of bluetooth technology to target area based advertising towards its' users. In short the concept of StreetBox could lead to a new culture of gammers.

Does this still qualifies as advertising in your opinion?

Here are the credits:
Creative Director: Ron Seichrist
Art Director:Rhea Hanges
Copywriter: Desi Vechot
Other additional credits: Ivan Hernao
Released: May 2007