Introducing Carlsberg’s Best Mate

The company known for having “Probably the Best Beer in the World,” has announced the winner for the “Probably the Best Mate in the World” competition. Carlsberg Canada yesterday announced that Wesley Watt will be taking his entourage on a VIP weekend to Las Vegas. “This is absolutely amazing!” said Wesley. “It was some serious competition. I’m still in shock that I won and I can’t wait to party in Vegas!” When asked who he was taking on the trip, Wesley said “Not sure yet…maybe I’ll hold my own Best Mate competition!”

Becky Kwiatkowski, Brands Marketing Manager for Carlsberg Canada Inc. said “This has been a complete success and has greatly surpassed our expectations of how far the competitors would take this challenge. It has achieved our goal in compelling and engaging consumers while still enhancing awareness of Carlsberg as a premium import brand. GJP understood what we needed to do and they made it happen.”

Kevin Pfuhl, Managing Partner at GJP, described the campaign as “a contagious home-run! We have successfully positioned the Carlsberg brand into a social framework and helped give them the right to communicate and engage their consumers on a whole new platform by working with social media outlets throughout the competition. We have seen things that we could not have possibly predicted and are delighted with the results.”

The promotion started with a ‘casting call’ on April 13th asking for people to enter the competition by posting stories, photos and videos in their applications about why they thought they were the Best Mate. After four weeks and thousands of submissions nationwide, the top 30 competitors were selected. Each competitor was given a slick new Sony Ericsson W705, with integrated Facebook and YouTube applications to help them maintain a Carlsberg Facebook Fanpage. The competitors were then challenged to be as creative, unique and involved as possible.

Over the last four weeks, 7000+ fans followed the Best Mate competitors as they managed their Facebook Fan-pages. The Best Mates did much more than just post pictures – they put up a billboard in Toronto’s club district, shot numerous videos and webisodes, created their own ads, dyed their hair Carlsberg green, dressed in Carlsberg suits, went sky-diving with Carlsberg merchandise in-hand, baked Carlsberg cupcakes, and promoted themselves and the contest on local radio stations. Others posted blogs and pictures from Carlsberg parties showing people engaging with the brand or in some cases, dressing up to resemble it. “You can’t plan or buy this type of exposure” said Joanne Fulford, Media Director at GJP “but we certainly helped to ensure we reached the right people to enter.”

Carlsberg announced the winner with a half time show during the Toronto FC and New York Red Bulls MLS game on June 24th. The three finalists from Quebec and Ontario were brought on the field, with their entourages in tow, to find out which of them would be going to Las Vegas. In front of the sold-out 18,000 seat BMO stadium in Toronto, Wesley Watt was declared, “Probably the Best Mate in the World.”


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I am a parent to one of Wes' Entourage. You have definitely picked the Best Mate in the World. Wes is a pretty "cool character".....what you see is what you get. His imagination, as you have seen, runs wild. What a great competition, I think all the fans had as much fun watching the antics on video as the "Entourage" had making them.

Cheers to Carlsberg,

Donna Hlady

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