Suckering Up

Imagine management suckering up to the ones down the ladder. Imagine giving out compensations and promotions not for talent or performance but for the sheer length of time you’ve been around the organization doing nothing but mediocre work. Imagine having attendance registers maintained not according to alphabetic order but according to seniority – in terms of number of years put in – again.

Now that’s another kind of suckering up isn’t it? Correct me if I am wrong.

Ivan, I thank you for giving me this opportunity to blog in here. Now this post is my way of testing the waters, so to speak. (I heard you groan…) But then someone must also speak about the industry we are in. Granted that there are blogs that do the ranting and raving bit. But shouldn’t you have one on AtoW as well?

Or am I trouble with a capital T?


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This is the subject that I will enjoy the most. I hope you will continue writing about this extremely important aspect of our life. I hope people will pitch in.

Here is my take. Some agencies work the way you describe, but others are very much result oriented. If you are not happy with your setup, move-on. There are better places.

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here's the contridiction: if i move on, i won't have stories to put in here. :) but post them i will.

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plenty of people in other industries suffer like this as well, it's often called a union. and now i await the onslaught of union support groups who will burry me in red tape. lucky thing is, i love the colour red.
thanks for posting your opinion!