How classic ads might look in the social media era

Dublin-based advertising creative and copywriter Eoin Conlon has revamped a series of classic ads to bring them “up-to-date” with the social media era. Re-working iconic ads from companies like Volkswagen, Rolls-Royce and Apple, he imagined how they will look like if social media networks like Facebook and Twitter were available in the past. Turning the print ads into 140 characters long tweets, interactive ads and Facebook sponsored posts, he shows how high-tech is not always better when it comes to advertising. For instance, Apple’s memorable “1984” ad would not have made quite as much of an impact if it has been presented as an annoying YouTube pre-roll ad—viewers would probably have missed it by clicking on the “Skip Ad” option.


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Some are great (the Clairol app with a game to see if you get it right is brilliant). The Volkswagen ad however feels heavy-handed and just bad: Today you wouldn't have 3x5 lines of copy, and you wouldn't have "think small" in big and then "#thinksmall" just above almost as big...).