Hildebrands postcard campaign from circa 1900

Hildebrands a leading German chocolate manufacturer at the time created a series of postcards that depicted how people will live in the year 2000. The 1900's is when Jules Verne published his famous books about the future, so people must have been fantasising about the future a lot. Let's see how correct they were. Clothing and social occasions are totally off but the concepts did come true.

The images originally appeared on cardmine, but now seem to be gone.

A quick stroll on the water. We don't have anything to do with balloons, but sure do have dozens of ways to enjoy water on different devices.

Combined ship and railway locomotive. We don't have this, but we do have land water cars and buses mostly used for entertainment.

House moving by train. This became a reality, but for smaller houses and usually moved by trucks.

Personal airships.

Personal flying machines. We certainly have hot-air balloons and many other ways to conquer the sky.

Police X-Ray surveillance machine. We do have many different kinds of spy technologies mostly based on infrared.

Roofed Cities. We do have them, we just call them Malls.

Summer holidays at the North Pole. You can certainly visit the arctic region with one of the huge cruise ships.

Televised outside broadcasting. Hell yeah, in all forms and shapes.

The moving pavement. We do have them on Airports only.

Undersea tourist boats. Not very common, but one can ride a submarine if he really wants to.

Weather control machine. This is something we haven't yet fully managed to do, but China has done many experiments inducing rains.

Now let's look at how we portray the future today.


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Thanks for posting these cards, Ivan! I wonder where you found them..

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They were on originally and other bloggers reposted them. Not sure where exactly the source is.

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1900 rules

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i have a question
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Nice collection. Thanks Ivan.

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Thanks for posting these cards. I like seeing them juxtaposed with contemporary treatments of the theme.

Good old is where I first saw a link to this collection, at - "a look into the future that never was." They have the same cards you posted plus links to more vintage futureworlds.

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The woman flying a metal-winged flying machine is also wearing bloomers, a prediction you ignore - women do wear trousers, but not, like her, with corsets!

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These postcard advertisements are simply brilliant! It’s amazing how a still ad can depict so many information and meanings.

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Those old post cards make great collectibles. While it might be funny how the people of the past viewed the lives of the future, in the future, our predecessors would also laugh at our views of the future. The visions of the future look cool though, but I hope that the negative views on climate change does not come true.

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These are good collections.