Help Japan posters

Help Japan posters created by different individuals and organizations with a recurring broken red dot.

You can donate here.


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Same brief. Finally, the idea is to help to Japan.

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Ron Burgundy
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I think this is cool, but not so much for agency promotion...I think you did it justice with a blog post though...thnx for the collection so far Ivan

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The global warning one is the best, great.

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On the mark communications that touch all of us.

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"A picture is worth a thousand words." This PSA advertisement proves this classic cliche. The red dot alone tells an impactful story, which serves as an important element involved in relaying a message to audience members. The image works well as the focal point in the first poster. The type works well, taking backstage, and not distracting from the message. Seeing artwork and advertising combined to motivate people towards positive actions, encourages me as somebody looking to work in the industry someday. Great examples--how impactful!

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no idea, looks a bit insulting, just putting the flag- red circle, and white background, break it somewhere and say help....not done

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The only one that actually serves to help is the one from America Red Cross. The rest just play with the flag trying to be creative for show. Serioursly, it's been 3 days. NO ONE FORGOT about anything because it's STILL HAPPENING. Agencies trying to promete "awarness'' and the horrible '' pray for japan'' ads are just sick.

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aplloky, you're absolutely right. I'd like to stress that point a little more: these ads are all just ... a shame!
let's help or not. but let us please not pretend that a flag idea would change anything. please don't. makes me sick.

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John van de Vor...
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@apploky and @edman..

So what are you guys suggesting? Doing nothing?

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@John van de Vorstenbosch -

Praying == doing nothing.

Making cute pictures == hardly doing anything.

Getting the fuck over there and helping == something.

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Just for the record,"Global Warning" was done for with their permission, it has a call to action and a website to help Japan. Copy reads: Global Warning calls for Global Giving, visit to help Japan.

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These posters are so much more than just a reminder to the rest of the world about what happened to Japan; they represent the people of Japan, the grieving and the rebuilding that is going to have to take place. These posters portray an emotional message to the rest of the world and it is done in a very simplistic and effective way. The red circle that represents Japan tells a story in itself but the effects added to it make the messages through these images so much more. The eleventh poster seems to have a very important message. The red circle in this image seems to also resemble the world. This circle is cut in half, with one half of it sliding away. This image represents how Japan is broken, but also shows how the world is broken as well because it cannot be whole while others are going through such difficult times and grief. These posters were made to motivate people to get out and help, and they are successful in doing so.

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thanks cchambers. exactly the point. donate whatever amount of money you earn in one hour instead of spending this hour to create ideas like that. you might help in the end.

and @ rileyo:
come on. there is nothing new communicated with these. I know that this catastrophe affects the whole world. don't need an ad to tell me.
plus: tiny logos, no call to action. 'please don't ruin the picture' they shout. aplloky already said that.

I don't think that these posters motivated anyone to go out there and help - but they sure as hell kept some people inside the agency to create them.
no offence here. just definitely no consensus.

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ahhh too much!

i love the global warning one


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These images captivate the iconic images of the flag, but they also represent the devastation that has been going on over there. I particularly thought that the S.O.S. and the Red Cross pieces really captured the imagery of the crisis in Japan. If I saw these posters anywhere in public, I would pay more attention to it because of the symbolism in each of these posters. The Red Cross had a unique way of asking for support by combining their logo with the Japanese flag. It was a creative way for them to combine their efforts in Japan with raising awareness on what the program really does. However, a lot of these posters are missing information that people could use to actually help Japan. Many of these messages are telling people to help, but they would have a bigger message if they included a call to action.

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@aplloky and @edman so far, sales of James White's poster - the first one - have raised $15,000 for Japan relief. How much have you done?

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