Guinness honoured with eurobest’s first advertiser of the year award

London, 26 October 2009 – The organisers of the Eurobest Festival, honouring advertising creative excellence across Europe, are pleased to announce the introduction, from 2009, of the new Advertiser of the Year award.

The prestigious Eurobest Advertiser of the Year award will be presented to advertisers who have distinguished themselves for inspiring innovative marketing of their products and who embrace and encourage the creative work produced by their agencies. This award will be presented for the first time to Guinness, a brand which not only commemorates 250 years of existence, but also this year celebrates 80 years of iconic advertising campaigns which have played a significant role in its history.

Since the first official ad for Guinness beer in the British National press back in 1929 with the slogan, 'Guinness is Good for You', and more recently with ads such as 'Surfer,' 'Tipping Point' and ''Noitulove', Guinness has continued to produce great campaigns taking its consumers on a significant journey by continuously reviving and reinventing its appeal, whilst staying true to its brand values. Indeed, this year Guinness launched its first ever global advertising campaign in celebration of its 250th anniversary and commemorating the visionary founder, Arthur Guinness. Created by Saatchi & Saatchi EMEA, the global ad ran alongside a ground-breaking consumer promotion and 'Arthur's Day' events held on 24th September in cities including Dublin, New York, Lagos and Kuala Lumpur.

The prestigious Guinness advertising account has been handled by numerous creative agencies, each putting their own flare into generating ads that are not only memorable, but entertaining and humorous. Amongst the brand’s advertising campaigns and well known tag lines are the artist John Gilroy's menagerie of animals, including the popular Toucan, Sea Lion and Ostrich characters, the 1930's 'GUINNESS for Strength' adverts, 'My Goodness My Guinness' (1935), Pure Genius (1985), 'Good Things Come To Those Who Wait, 'Guinness is Good for You', 'Not Everything In Black And White Makes Sense' and 'It's Alive Inside'. As the Guinness Company expanded into new markets, hugely successful advertising campaigns also reached out to new consumers such as with the ‘Brilliant’ campaign in the US and the ‘Michael Power’ campaign in Africa.

Over the years, Guinness ads have won many accolades around the world, including numerous awards at Eurobest, Cannes Lions (including the 2006 Film Grand Prix for Noitulove), Clio, D&AD, and the iconic 1998 Surfer went on to win the “Best TV Commercial Ever” by Channel 4 viewers in the UK.

“Eurobest is all about the celebration of great creative work in advertising and communications and who better to inaugurate Eurobest’s Advertiser of the Year award than Guinness, who completely understand and appreciate the power of great creative and innovative advertising to drive their brand forward. We are delighted to further add to their anniversary celebrations this year with this accolade,” said Philip Thomas, Festival CEO.

“We are very proud of Guinness’s advertising throughout the years, and with our powerful and collaborative agency relationships, we aim to keep delighting and engaging our consumers around the world with our creative advertising. We are truly honoured for the recognition given to us by Eurobest, especially in a year of such great celebrations for the brand,” commented Brian Duffy, Global Brand Director at Diageo who will be collecting the award during the Eurobest 2009 awards ceremony on Friday 27 November.

To celebrate Guinness being honoured with the first Eurobest Advertiser of the Year Award, a special Guinness iconic ‘Ads through the Years’ exhibition will be held during the Eurobest 3-day Festival in Amsterdam next month.

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