Groundbreaking new social platform

HUGE, the fastest growing digital agency in the US and part of the Interpublic network just created and launched a groundbreaking new social platform, called Perfunkt for Electrolux, through their AEG brand. Perfunkt represents the biggest bet on branded content and social media by a major appliance brand to date. It’s already generating new levels of engagement with consumers around branded content through stunning videos and one-on-one interactions with world-class chefs.

Many consumers shop for ovens, refrigerators and other AEG/Electrolux products only once every seven years. So how can a company like Electrolux build meaningful engagement with consumers on an ongoing basis? How can they take their brand attributes and knowledge and make these things active?

Perfunkt solves these problems for AEG and encourages two-way conversation. Original and sourced content challenges users to contribute videos, comment, vote and embark on their own personal quest to perfect gourmet skills and other household techniques. With Perfunkt, AEG is leading the way in changing how brands interact with consumers online, while challenging the well-worn Facebook/YouTube/Twitter marketing conventions.


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Jaap Grolleman
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Your link doesn't work.
Don't have much to say about the article though ^^

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This is the link:

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Jaap Grolleman
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I know. But I think the engine of Ivan's sites (AOTW, CreativeBits) isn't working with links without the http:// in front of it. Everytime I see I look in profiles the people who not have added http:// in front of their link, those links go to>>>actual link here<<<

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Fixed it. Sorry!

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So I think the design style is great, but you guys really need to work on the clarify of the message. After reading the page title, tagline and the top paragraph, I'm still confused what I'm supposed to do. "Where collective passion spawns ultimate perfektion" doesn't say anything about this being a website about cooking techniques.

I'd also prefer if the designs style was more targeted towards cooking. To the right, at first glance, I see a bunch of big numbers that don't make sense. I have to look closely to read what's underneath the numbers to figure out what's going on. I'd make the numbers smaller and add big, beautiful icons for bread, marzipan, etc.

The video thumbnails are so dark on the regular state that it's impossible to see anything. You guys are making me work a lot.

So overall, great style, but big failure in communication and clarify.