Google SEA campaign for Volkswagen

Google SEA campaign for Volkswagen

A new way of advertising on Google

A group of graduates of the Willem de Kooning Academy are taking Google's Search Engine Optimization to a whole new level. They came up with Search Engine Advertising, which means that they are turning Google into a unique advertising medium. With the help of hardcore SEO-craftmanship it's now possible to display a complete ad in the image search results.

'We've created this Search Engine Advertising campaign for Volkswagen during our third year in advertising, and we're now talking with interesting parties to get this idea into production.' Everyday millions of people are searching for products and brands on Google, and what could be best than an image to get the picture? If Google is the place to advertise yourself, then Search Engine Advertising is just the right tool to do it.

The SEA Team: Guus ter Beek, Alwin Lanting, Pim van Bommel, Qreativ.


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that's epic. did they share any detail about how they pull something like that?

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Marc K

I wonder how long Google is going to allow this to be exploited...