First look at Lexus Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue ad

Of course, the bikini-clad supermodels are the big draw to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, but Lexus is showcasing its own kind of eye candy in the popular issue, which hits newsstands beginning Feb. 15.

In keeping with the theme of the issue, Lexus is running a four-page spread featuring Dutch supermodel Rianne Ten Haken and the 552 horsepower LFA supercar. At a distance of just four feet, the LFA ran multiple high-speed donuts around the model, who has graced the cover of magazines such as Vogue and GQ: Gentleman’s Quarterly, to create the imagery for the sizzling four-page spread.


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Jaap Grolleman
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Shame they killed the 'making off' video with their sales messages, cause I'd love to learn more about weird photoshoots. Instead they go on "the car is so good it makes my job easier" tour.Oh well.

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I think that this ad is a creative way to keep the men's eye focused on the concept of the "sexiness'' of the car and the theme of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. The ad shows the cars performance while circling around the model. This ad it targeted for men who enjoy looking at models so this ad fits the magazine perfectly.

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It is a nice car, from what I herd Lex wont be making a whole lot from sales because the production cost is through the roof. It got more computers than nasa. This might end up some kind of limited production car. Model is hot! I pick the car though.

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Using bikini models to promote cars is so oldfasioned, so uncreative and sexist. One should really think that the advertising industry had gotten further in 2011. This aside, it´s also bad publicity for the brand. Educated, resourceful people see through this cheap marketing trick, and isn´t this the audience that Lexus tries to reach? In addition, women definitely don´t buy this.
Being a Norwegian, I at least don´t have to see bad, cheap advertising like this at home. In Norway, using women as objects in this way is not legal.

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This advertisement may use "'oldfasioned' 'uncreative' and 'sexist'" strategies to attract audience memebrs; but, these tactics seem to be the most effective. It is important to keep the target audience in mind. Lexus does not need to think about "educated, resourceful people"; they need to think about young wealthy men looking to buy a sports car. Who reads Sports Illustrated? Men. What motivates men? Sex and beautiful women. Lexus clearly understands the vitality of the target audience and reaches them effectively through an appropriate medium and a sexified message.

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The goal for this ad is clear: To catch the man's eye. The goal is clearly acheieved by putting the "hot" model in the center of the ad. When a guy is flipping through a magazine he will stop immediately to look at this ad because he sees a gorgeous model in a bikini, this will then lead him to look at the product that it is being promoted. Although some may think that this ad is quite sexist and a bit racy, it seems to be the most effective. I also like the slogan that is used, "The beauty of power" because it sends the message out to these men that if you buy this car than you can have the power to be beautiful. If these men feel powerful and beautiful, then it gives them hope that they can get girls like the model in the ad.