A person working for a well known agency wanted to let advertising people know that copywriting ain't dead. He sent me this to be posted on Ads of the World. Enjoy.

It was a time when copywriters were akin to their peers, art directors, and recognised as genuine creative - able to imagine concepts and concretely write advertisements -.

But these heydays are well and truly over.

Neil Frenchʼs testimony - Nobody reads long copy any more. Hereʼs why - was kind of prophetic.
As a result, the buck they make from writing unread contents, do not worth the amount of work. In fact, typing or making a pen moves down along, will not get you chauvinistic at all!

Honestly, any lad can “find” a nice tag.

All he needs to know is how to use “Word Office”. - By the way, do not forget this damn dictionary of synonyms -

Then, in an excess of confidence, the same lad who found a tag in a flash can also write a body copy.

So, in the space of three sentences (count them), he actually did the job; quicker while being cheaper.

Moreover, he did it shorter therefore easier to understand (not to say meaningless) by the hoi polloi.

Cause you know, targets ainʼt fey enough to get slick writing, they say. (narrow advertising folks and narrow clients – aka dumb & dumber)

To sum up, agencies do not need copywriters any more.

Planners and Account Managers are good substitutes.

But remember, itʼs not because you can talk that you are a good singer. In the same way, itʼs not because you can walk that you are a good dancer.

Nevertheless, the problem with copywriting is elsewhere.

The craft was roughly labialized as “words on paper”. Whereas it is not only about writing but also about telling stories to sell.

And not everyone is able to deal with this part of the job.

Gobsmacking slogans and bodies can be played as a scenario and narrated as a speech.
Gill Scott Heron (may he rest in peace) is the perfect example of writer, capable of elevating his style to different levels.

Listen to his glittering “Message to Messengers” and take the instrumental off. Likewise, read the lyrics straight from the sheet.

In any forms, the story remains powerful, because it draws images in people minds.
Basically, creative writing should translate words into scenes.

You might now understand why the title, “Farewell dear copywriters” cannot be pictured;
Copywriters are as useful as necessary. Simple as that.



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