Birds of a feather

The five sibling teenaged owls commiserate together in a hidden corner, on their favourite branch, somewhat camouflaged from my view.
I wonder what they are plotting. Maybe they are chatting about the fresh mice they got last night. So much more fun to scoop them up live and wriggling in the beak than freshly thawed and limp. The crunch of the beak barring down on the fresh ones is so much more satisfying.
My best friend, since I was four, is a zoologist and currrenlty specializes in birds of prey. She was recently working on contract at The Owl Foundation, where they rehabilitate wild owls (who have been hit by cars and trucks) and get them fit for release.

I think about them often now, and want to share them with you. Here are some of the photos we took when I was granted special permission to visit the centre. I was also moved to sponsor an owl, a north american pygmy owl.

Here is a website too, in case you would like to check it out.


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Happy to see an animal lover on AotW. I have 2 dogs and 6 turtles.

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6 turtles!!! i had 2 turtles growing up Nevil and Nigel, and 2 lovely siamese cats. i'd like to have more pets now but we live in a small apartment and i don't think it would be fair to a cat or a dog.
what kind of dogs? and names Ivan, I want names!

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I've got seven cats. My dog died recently... choked on a bone at night with no-one home.

Now, the "Grand Queen" of them all has gone ahead and produced three more kittens.

So I miscalculated. I've got nine cats.


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nine cats. nine.
that's alot of purring. i think i would explode if i heard 9 cats purring. sorry about your dog.

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