Really "special" greeting cards

I like to find odd greeting cards to send to my friends and family when they are celebrating certain occasions. I've been known to send Jewish holiday cards on Valentine's day. It just seems so constricting to have to buy from the cards that were specially made for certain occasions, when other cards will deliver my sentiments so much better.

I've also resorted to making my own cards when I can't find the appropriate message, but I don't have any of those on my Mac at this location. Some other day, if I remember, I'll post one or two. We'll see how I feel.

Here I've attached two of my favourite cards, that I've painstakingly scanned and reduced in size so as not to be a greedy guts and take up too much server space.


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These are very cute cards. I think hand made cards are the best. Especially if it's mixed media.

Btw, thanks for caring about the server space. We've got it covered! :)

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Like them, I'm a cat person and they are really cute. Are they your's ?

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nope, not my cats. though i did grow up with two siamese cats like the one on the left. these cards are also magnets -talk about mixed media eh Ivan?
i'm a cat person as well, though that's not why i posted these. i thought they were so funny.

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I love the expression on the cat's face! Lol