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I have read many other blogs out here on the interweb... most seem to have a purpose. I'll save my purpose for another day, a day when I realize what my purpose is.

Today I was taught a lesson in patience at my local Loblaws grocery store express lane. Aster, the cashier, less likely to speed up than George Bush to bring back the troops, showed me the redundancies of express lanes. They aren't "express", they are not a means to get you out of the store faster because you are making fewer purchases than those giant buggy pushing juggernauts known as soccer moms. They are a study of human interaction and breaking points. Aster delightfully chatted with all four people who were ahead of me for a mean time of 5 minutes each. I was trapped in the line as there were metal dividers on both my sides and 5 other people behind me. The banter was completely riveting. Who doesn't wan to hear about the letter that lady sent to a tea company and then got free coupons for said tea (which took another 2 minutes to arrange on the cash register).

I waited my turn and kept saying over and over in my head "what would Oprah do"


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Joseph Campbell
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I hope, one day, to have the guts to write about my real life, like you do. Until then, I'll make things up.

You write beautifully, and I envy you.

We'll reconvene at 10.

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Joseph, I love how you write. The subject matter, the subtlies, they are mini short stories full of life. Your imagination astounds me. I envy you. Perhaps we are the same person, you the male version, I the female, and we are doomed to envy one another. The catch is now we know the other is out there. Is that too romantic? No. It simply is.

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cheers, lovely.

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Hehe, I love it one someone reflects back to real life like this. I feel like in an art movie.

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Thanks Ivan! There are so many interactions in a day that could be perceived as mundane, but they are full of life and everything. I am in an art movie. You are in an art movie. We just need to observe what is going on around us and inside us and we'll see it.