Natural Metropolis

Look around where you walk, you will find beauty in the concrete.
Nature will always find a way, through itself or through us.


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Pretty. I am a very big fan of guerilla art. I myself did it too. I will post a blog over it someday. I really like the sticker and 'thinker' art. The peace bird in the scope, the goose/duck/goose/duck one. Its inspirational not?

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Good morning sunbeam! I would love to see what you did. I'm an admirer, not a participator. Well, I put up some posters from here from Indira, but that's it.
I must admit, I felt a bit smug at finding the duck duck goose one. People were walking by and payed them no notice at all. It was like finding a diamond! I'll go on a hunt again in the city to find more. I found lots when I went to London. I'll see if I can't scrounge around and find the photos.

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I like the doors of Moria....mellon!

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Those are the doors to my apartment. Welcome. Make yourself comfortable.

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