how can we improve the graphic and web designer working condition in mauritius

i am still thinking n wondering if it will b a time wen we designers of mauritius will b treated as designers of the rest of the world...(in term of salary)

its very sad that we r not yet considered as designers like in other countries even if we have international standards... why there is not an organisation protecting us designers of mauritius...


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This is a problem not only in mauritius but in many other developing nations. I come from Hungary and we often talk about such thing on the propono hungarian design forum. You should setup an site where you can gather all the concerned parties, discuss how you want to do it and start forming an organization. You can change the situation. But don't wait for anybody to do it for you. Do it yourself.

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yeah you are working on the website where i can gather all the designer of mauritius where we can talk abt the problem...i know it will take starting the project... i wud like to have the help of elders to guide me. thak you very much

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there is strength in numbers. it's scary to start something all by yourself, so i agree with ivan, start a forum, start a site, start the ball rolling. when you have other likeminded individuals, it is much easier to get results.

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how does entry the art work

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we have big agencies her affiliated to world class agency like shachi n shachi, fcb and so on...we are one of the best in the indian ocean...some agency work were nominated in international competition too...we can say we are among the best...and can b very creative

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how many graphic designers work in mauritius?
how many do you know?
do ad agencied exist in mauritius?
how many?
do mauritius have a cultural identity?
how many design centers exists in mauritius?

i might be very helpfull with my Q's

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well mauritius is a population of abt 1.3 million, we r a developing county... they are around 100 agencies, in advertising, webdesign, marketing and so on....every year maurtius produce abt 50 + graduated designers...
we dnt have problem of finding work but they dont pay us as we want to

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Adsoftheworld is perfect example for you Mr.Mauritius n i totally agree with Mr.Ivan that change the situation n don't wait for someone do it by yourself i hope you will get the support of other designer in your country and after all we r also here to support you by writing n discussing the situation of your country.
But i would like to thank you that atleast you express your feeling bcoz so many people don't care about all this they just have concentrate n depend upon what the salary they r getting but thanks to you that you came with your problem n thats a big problem hopefully you all will get what you all r looking for InsahAllah.


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Ameen thank for your support
wat i want to do is to make small designer get the respect ...and show the world / mauritius that we excite and that we affect everyday life and our importance to the progress of communication