wanna help n guide people of my country to move n learn design

hello am a young designerv from mauritius...i do web design and graphic design too. my aim is to help people who wanna learn design. i am working on a website where i can guide them with tips, web links where they can find solution to there question. its all design, graphic, web or fashion...also advertising... am still working on the content and trying to find partners to work on this project. am from a small island in the indian ocean (Mauritius)
you can see the temporary page of the website

will be glad to have some guide from you there
thank you very much


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Vikram Jeetah

let me know more about your project and we can meet and discuss.

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i have just read your mail... and from you ip add i have seen you are from mauritius too...
i wanna do a website where every people who wanna learn design or learning design can be guided. on the website there will be links, or if they wanna learn design where they can lkearn, wat thay have to do. its fot school leavers or people who wanna make there dreams come true and show there creativity.
its a website which will collect information more for mauritian people...